The Zebra and St Peter.

A Zebra died and arrived at the Pearly Gates. St Peter met him and the Zebra said to him. "I've always wanted to know whether I am a black horse with white stripes or a white horse with black stripes, can you help me?" St Peter said. "You may ask the Lord, your Creator when you meet Him shortly, but remember that He works in mysterious ways and His answer might be enigmatic."

The Zebra goes off to meet God and after a while returns. St Peter asked him if the Lord had provided the answer to his dilemma.

The Zebra seemed really pleased and happily replied. "Yes, God said that I was a white horse with black stripes..He said..You are what you are."

St Peter was puzzled and said. "That's an enigmatic answer all do you conclude that makes you white with black stripes."

The Zebra answered. "Because...if if I Had been a black horse with white stripes, God would have answered.....Yo is what yo is."

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