The "Z" Team.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by target_stop, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. We live in hostile and dangerous times. With the high sand explosion brown people threat/ black gangster 50 inch flat screen stealing threat, security is our number one concern.

    Here are a bunch of professionals you can hire, there is no task to big or small when it comes to your security.


    The Silent wind of Doom Dojo.

    An extract from their advert "Come perfect the art of assassination, stealth, booby trap and ninja skills. There is an optimal 8 week course of modern weapons including pistol, tazers, peperspray, and rifles. Oh yeah, and gorilla warfare."

    Facefuck linky Silent Wind of Doom Dojo | Facebook

    Look after yourself, and each other.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Gorilla Warfare?

    I am not going to argue with an enraged simian which is at least twice the size of me.
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  3. Someone should tell the him/her/thing, second from left, that they've got their arse on back to front
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  4. He's had a few too many chocolate salty balls

    Didn't the one on the left once chase Harrison Ford after he stole a golden idol?
  5. Scroll down on the FB page there is a real monster gunt.
  6. Kevin Hughes | Facebook

    Look who 'liked' some of the shit the knobber posted :)

    Was the very bottom comment.

    PS. What a bunch of fucking mongoloids.
  7. Large gut, short stubby arms, flattened facial features...where have I seen that before?

  8. You are all being unfair.


    This man gave his oath that he will protect your children.....but only your can't be here, no one can be here....fuck off you dirty witnesses.
  9. They look as good as the T.A Team

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  10. Lets be honest though lads.........

    We've all fucked a lot worse.
  11. Speak for your fucking self !!!
  12. I didn't know Mr T had had cancer or that 'The Face' had nicked men behaving badly's lager mitt

  13. Persec FFS! It's K*v H***es:frustrated:
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  14. They are on the ball with piss takers I put something on there and it was taken down in minutes