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I’ve used the search function & can’t see a YouTube thread. Internet links, jokes, etc yes, but no YouTube.

It’s really improved in the last couple of years. It used to be cat videos & people face planting, but there are loads of informative & original channels out there now.
I probably watch more on YT nowadays than I do normal TV.

I thought I’d start a thread for folk to share channels or single videos that you find interesting.
I’ll start with Martin Zero.
If you have an interest in industrial history, you’ll love this. He’s mainly based in the NW, but I’m sure it’s still interesting to people from elsewhere. He’s got loads of videos with a whole series where he walks the length of the river Medlock, most of which is culverted.

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WWII Battlegrounds metal detectorists.
They find all sorts of assorted stuff in the German forests rom cartridges, Mauser K98s, badges to Panzer Fausts.

In the same vein, is Iron Mike

& WW2 History Hunter



Naval history well done by Drachinifel. Dozens of similar videos available like the discussion below.

For when I'm feeling down Spike Milligan - Pakistani Daleks

And now for something completely different - the Hungry for Chicken song from India
I'll see your chicken song and raise you Daler Menndi's song about some bird called Brenda.

This lad has the moves to go with it :roll:



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One of my favourite searches is 'stupid Arabs' - here's todays top video

Don't forget to search for 'Arab on a cliff'

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