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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. http://www.raisingkids.co.uk/todaysnews/news_011106_03.asp

    Lazy Son Has Father Arrested November 1 2006

    Dad charged with assault for dragging teenager out of bed

    A teenager who called the police when his father dragged him out of bed to go to college has spoken of his shock at the decision to arrest and charge his father.

    The 16-year-old boy from Plymouth refused to get out of bed and when his father pulled him out of his duvet called the police. Two officers turned up at the house and when the teenager's father got into a shoving match with them, took him down to the cells for six hours before charging him with common assault and obstructing police.

    'I felt he had no right to pull me out of bed,' the teenager told The Sun, 'But I never expected him to be charged.' Although the son has asked for the charges to be dropped, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to go ahead with the case.

    The father, who is furious at the 'farce' tells the newspaper: 'All I was trying to do was make sure my son gets an education. The government tells parents to take responsible for their kids, yet I’m being punished for it.'

    edited to add: I would have added a comment but am too flabbergasted 8O
  2. I dread to think. I had a son of 26'ish who thought he was a teenager. I was his world and he thought the world owed him a living. Towards the end of his living with us, the only way we could communicate was through violence. This from someone with my background of law and handling people. He eventually met a female and shacked up with her which got him out of my life.
  3. Another case of can't do right for doing wrong.

    Perhaps shoving the plod wasn't such a good idea, though.
  4. Is it just my perception, or are these two officers total choppers?
  5. Not for charging him with the obstruction. He must be in the wrong for laying hands on them!

    However, the guy shouldn't be done for pulling his son out of bed
  6. Quite possibly. On the other hand, as suggested, they might have been hacked of at being shoved and just decided to arrest the man to get their revenge.

    Whatever the truth behind it, I'm still wondering where common sense was hiding at the time this incident took place.
  7. I'm sorry, but I can't accept that anyone should be allowed to lay hands on the law - whether it be pushing and shoving or not. The police have a duty to investigate any complaint and attempts to stop them doing so cannot be accepted
  8. Sounds to me as though the coppers responded to a domestic incident and the father didn't cooperate. I'm sure if he'd have kept his cool and explained the situation without shoving, it could have been resolved.

    Then again, I've dealt with some very patronising self important coppers before and shoving them does seem tempting...
  9. perfect and total right within English law to lay hands on a police officer if they are committing an unlawful arrest.

    An englishmans home is still his castle, and theres a right to discipline your children... its arguable that the arrest may have been illegal, depends on what exactly they said at the time and reasons given

    If the police were acting ultra vires of their powers, then he'll be cleared of assaulting or obstructing police - the coppers should have given the lazyitis toad of a son a slap for being so stupid as to call the fecking police because his dad turfed him out of his pit!
  10. Presumably the son is now collecting his posessions from the dustbin and looking for a new place to live. Certainly would be if he was mine.
  11. so, the sun was reporting this?

    what's the betting he was only arrested for obstructing the police, and the charge for "common assault" is for his behaviour towards the police.

    as far as i know, you'll be arrested if you DON'T send your kid to school. it is expected, by law, that the parents do their part in sending their children to school.
  12. Watch all the little scrotes in basic thinking next time my Cpl tips me out of bed at 0:600hrs I'll get him done for it and phone up injury lawyers for you claiming mental stress etc
  13. If that was my son the Lazy little tw@t would find himself in a cardboard box under Westminster bridge. My house. My rules. like it or lump it. Contribute or die.
  14. Madness

    Should the son not be charged with wasting police time?
  15. Absolutely bloody shocking! I can't believe the police even came out.
    Imagine the 999 call?
    Hello police, can i help you?
    My dads just dragged me out of bed!
    I see sir and how old are you?
    Oh you poor little mite. I'll send 2 officers right away and a counsellor for you.

    All too often we hear of teenagers causing havoc and destruction, yet parents like his try to instill some discipline and the PARENT end up in the cells. Is it any wonder that the kids in the UK are nothing more than vandalising little thugs?

    Dragged out of bed? He should have been dragged out of bed and kicked out of the house with his dads boot up his arrse!