The youth of today.......................

well it couldn't have been that good...look at the fizzog on it
'...and that my boy is what you'll wake up next to if you don't eat your greens.'


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At 15 I would have shagged it until the neighbours complained about the smell.
Whats not to like at 15 about some bird wanting it.

There's a bit too much namby pamby I'd rather stay on my x box than run stark naked at a milf about todays teenagers.
I suspect it wasn't the 15 year old that called the cops. Bloody spoilsports get everywhere. I do however acknowledge that if it had been a 47 year old man grooming a 15 year old boy or girl then quite a few Arrsers would be POL-ing the outrage bus.
the best thing about this shock horror daily wail threads are tye side bars. If you can tear yourself away from the terror of the 15 yr old getting his first hole, check out the pics of the lass called courtney something on the beach.


this lads should be took down the boozer and force fed stella till he's sick. good on him I say, lets be frank about this, five0 mug shots make everyone look a bit unkempt. She looks like the kind of gal that could suck a golf ball through a hose pipe. fuck it?? Certainly would old boy.
Fucking 15 year old victim......bollocks.
You can bet your hairy arse that 15 year old is cursing the cunt that bubbled him.

At 15 shagging absolutely anything was a fucking gift, fat, ugly, crippled, even a fat ugly cripple would have got her fucking hips smashed to powder.
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