The youth of today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Yes - We need to get a grip of it now.

  2. No - Its not as bad as people say.

  1. Its the run up to an election. One of them times every so many years when we're asked to try and decide which way we want the country to go in.

    In a society where kids in school can do what they like without fear of punishment. No corporal punishment, detentions becoming unlawful, exclusion becoming difficult for head teachers etc.

    In a society where kids out of school can commit crime without fear of punishment. Community sentence orders. Un-enforced ASBO's. The idea that being a little sh1t is anti social behaviour and not actually a serious problem.

    In a society where kids at home can act in any manner they wish without fear of punishment. ADHD and other disorders caused by too much lucozade and smarties. The idea that mum or dad will get locked up if they get hands on.

    Are we a society held to ransom by our youth population?
  2. I have to drive through my local council housing cesspit regularly and see the little darlings on their feral home turf hanging around in packs…

    Flamethrowers, that's the answer.
  3. I feel your pain. I get it in my home life and in my work life. I'm just starting to get irritated by it.

    I personally think Historians will look back on this period in our history and laugh their heads off at how pathetically weak The government, The criminal justice system and the parents actually were.

    I also think peoples irritation with the current state of play is why films like this are so popular.

  4. It seems to be a uniquely British problem in Europe.

    A few years ago I was on holiday on Italy and sitting in the local square having a meal when some 'Engerland' yooofs gathered in the square swigging from their bottles and giving the German kids on holiday a load of grief as they went by.

    Up pulls a cop car and a Carabinieri politely tells them to put the bottles in the bin and go away.

    'Farkoffcopperiaintdonninnoffininnit' blurts out one of the knuckleddraggers.

    We were all then treated to the sight off all four doors bursting open and 4 rather large Carabinieri proceeded to beat the mongs to a pulp to the obvious approval of the gathered locals.

    That was the first and last instance of yoof trouble I saw in two weeks. It would seem even the finest shaven headed chavmongs can understand that been beaten black and blue and a night in the cells means their behaviour is unnaceptable.

    Just a shame we can't see the same over here. :evil:
  5. Seems that maybe sterilisation for druggies could be expanded methinks!
  6. As much as I'm not that far gone yet I do find it alarming that in this country we're not trusted to tie our own shoe laces without government intervention and a healthy and safety risk assessment but any fcukwit is allowed to (Nay, encouraged) to have kids regardless of their financial position, age or ability to keep a plant alive and well nevermind a child.

  7. My next door neighbours don't work…

    None of their 4 kids work…

    None of their kids kids work…

    Two of their 15 year old grand daughters have popped out sprogs to much celebration…
  8. I should think at some time,we will get the"kids have always been like this,you're just getting older"post.
    Which is an absolute loads of nadgers,they drag up the 50's "Teddy Boys",60's Mods and Rockers,etc. The thing about the 50's,and the 60's was that they were all in employment there was no easy ride back then,you didn't work,you had no money,simples.

    Kids reflect the society they live in,and the society their parents were brought up in. Over the last 30 odd years,there has been a steady erosion of respect for other people,and their property,over the last 13 years the welfare state,has openly encouraged people not to work,leading to the benefit culture we have today,add to that the amount of young single mothers,who don't see a problem with using children as a means of "making a living",and you get the self-proliferating parasitic culture, that we see today.
  9. Yep. The lack of personal responsibility is directly proportional to the lack of fear of consequences. Today, a single child in a class of 30 can disrupt lessons for an inordinate length of time and have a completely disproportionate effect upon the ability of the other 29 to get the most from their education. I recall such troublemakers being instantly yanked out of their chairs and made to apologize to the rest of the class by teachers who fearlessly grabbed ears or noses, or demonstrated the art of the "gooseneck" or arm up the back. That "courage" for want of a better word, has gone now and none would would dare to show it in any case for fear of instant dismissal. We've lost the plot.
  10. Mrs doby started work in a fairly local primary school, 4 months ago as a Lunchtime Supervisor (fecking dinner lady). The fairly local school is 'a bit rough'.

    "I like you, Mrs doby", said "Chardonay" one of the ^ year old girls.

    "Oh, why is that?", said the wife.

    "Because you don't shout at me like mummy does".

    Apparently the kid's mother never speaks to her daughter, only shouts.
  11. What a load of bollox.

    First, we have always had thugs, from the victorian ones (hooligan is a victorian term by the way) through Edwardian times to the 20s, 30s and 40s. Thatcher had her fair share of unemployed, she also had the NF.

    There have always been young ******* who would resort to violence at the earliest opportunity, who didn't respect property and who drank too much.

    I refer you to a song from the 70s, one of the lines being "they smelled of pubs/and wormwood scrubs/and too many right wing meetings"

    But THESE ARE THE MINORITY OF YOUNG PEOPLE and even that minority can be turned away from their life of thuggary - or does the army only recruit from nice, twee dual parent, middle class families?
  12. Yawn

  13. Oh do **** off Whet…

    YOU are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country.

    You're a bone idle parasite who's scrounged off the State on the dole for 11 years now.
  14. What would have happened to these thugs in the 20s, 30s, 40s if after getting a smack around the chops of a citizen concerned they were abusing passers bys they complained to the police?
  15. Good arguement, but don't let a little matter like accuracy bother you :roll: