The youth of today doing us proud again!

all you haters that keep on giving me sh*t on the net come and say it to ma face instead of hiding behind ya screen and al kick ya arss and send you back to your mum .
I wonder how he'd react if someone decided to take him up on his er... kind offer? Probably hide behind his mum (assuming he knows who she is).
Tell RFUK, it's his video so he can get rid of it
I left him a message to point out what we thought of him. His challenge to kick the arse of anyone who "gave him sh1t" was rather amusing.That's really made me angry because of how moving that video was. Disrespectful little cnut.

I have posted a comment to the little runt, and to the poster of the video, though i might be tempted to leave the comment there a while and let arrse do their worst :twisted:
If the comment is removed here it is:-

"white ppl crying like lil girls again lil pussys hahahahahahahaha they ded die muther f8ckers"

You will find his account address listed on another post
I just have, you can email him from his profile on Youtube i want to destroy him.
"white guys are weak naz never lost to a white bich"

what a poet, he's some text talk racist kid on a wind-up, probably best just to ignore him, unless you really could find out where he lives then give him a kicking.
Ask him to name the time and place. I'll quite happily drive to any where in the UK to F*ck him over. Let him put that that in his blog, "I had a near death experience at the hands of a white women"


iamaviking said:
I just have, you can email him from his profile on Youtube i want to destroy him.
Why not just send the illiterate c*nt a dictionary. His spelling and grammar are shocking.
Trevelez said:
Is that morse running through the sound track? My hearing's not what it was
no it's a song by Evanesence - sort of goth-rock band type thing.

Not generally my cup of Earl Grey but they are actually quite good..

As to the punk kid that has a Hamed fetish - would love to meet him in a dark alley sometime where there are no witnesses.

The actual footage/snippet was quite moving and well put together.

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