The youth of today doing us proud again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by leveller, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Whoever owns the channel can delete it from the list of comments for his vid
  2. I wonder how he'd react if someone decided to take him up on his er... kind offer? Probably hide behind his mum (assuming he knows who she is).
  3. Tell RFUK, it's his video so he can get rid of it
  4. I left him a message to point out what we thought of him. His challenge to kick the arse of anyone who "gave him sh1t" was rather amusing.That's really made me angry because of how moving that video was. Disrespectful little cnut.

  5. I have posted a comment to the little runt, and to the poster of the video, though i might be tempted to leave the comment there a while and let arrse do their worst :twisted:
  6. If the comment is removed here it is:-

    "white ppl crying like lil girls again lil pussys hahahahahahahaha they ded die muther f8ckers"

    You will find his account address listed on another post
  7. I just have, you can email him from his profile on Youtube i want to destroy him.
  8. Disrespectful little shite. I would love to come face to face with him.
    That really has got me angry.
    Message sent. I hope he replies.
  9. me too i sent him one, id love to kick is arrse!!!!
  10. message sent :x
  11. He seems to have a bit of a crush on naseem hamed the boxer.
  12. message sent to lover of the shamed boxer. cnut
  13. The comment facillity is down just now, I'll try later. Is that morse running through the sound track? My hearing's not what it was