The Yorkshire Regiment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mushroom, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Today is the day that the PWO, The Green Howards and the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment join together to form the Yorkshire Regiment.

    For over three hundred years these Regiments have provided loyal service to Crown and Country, from the Canadian Forests to the Iraqi deserts in almost every part of the world. A lot of miles marched and some very hard times.

    Whilst the only way forward is to honour their memory by making the Yorkshire Regiment a worthy successor to these honourable institutions, raise a glass tonight folks for the passing of something of intangible but imense value.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    'Appen I will :D

    Having served in 1 PWO and, on attachment, with 2 Yorks (TA) I shall certainly raise a glass of Sam Smith's finest tonight.
  3. I never thought I would see the day. It's amazing how much of this Country's history, values and tradition have been destroyed in the last 15 years.

    We all know that The Yorkshire Regiment will be the very best and I shall certainly be raising a glass.
    It won't be Sam's P*ss though it will be Tetley's finest.
    A proper Yorkshire pint.

  4. I'll have a couple of pints of Theakston's toneet in honour of them.

    Here's to the Yorkshire Regiment...... the chippy bas.tards.
  5. Aye will be doing the same, Black Sheep made in proper Yorkshire Squares

    Does that mean the National Anthem Ilkley Moor Ba' Tat is again mandatory at mess functions (or was that a TA thing)
  6. The very best of luck to the new Yorkshire Regiment.
  7. I will be on parade tonight to get my new capbadge at the Middlesbrough TAC - I'm well gutted that I will no longer wear the Green Howards capbadge but there is nothing we can do to change things now. As a TA soldier I've served in Iraq and Cyprus with the UN and I did all these things as a T.A 'Howard'!! Looking forward though, it brings all Yorkshire infantry soldiers together whether they're from The Boro like me or from Barnsley, say. I've got a good feeling that it's going to work well - Three cheers for the Yorkshire Warriors!!
  8. Well said Cutsy. Best of luck to you and the Yorkies as they will doubtless end up being known as!
  9. Having spent 12 Years with 1 PWO its a bit of a sad day, But onwards and upwards as they say and good luck to the new regt.
  10. A sad as well as auspicious day. As it happens, my first platioon on a brief attachment was in A Coy 1 PWO and as they say, you never forget your first time. Well done, good luck for the future.
  11. Had the good fortune to be attached to 1 DWR in Kosovo in 2001, any regiment that has such a good bunch of lads as part of its make up can not be anything other than a success.
    Good luck to the Yorkshire Regiment.
  12. Toured with the Green Howards, a great bunch a blokes, even though they were a bit whoa and a bit whea in there knocked off Naff Naff tops

    Good luck in the new regt and up the XIX
  13. now then cutsy mate, make sure my medal comes back with mags as i am at scarborough :p
  14. You just know they're gonna get called 1 Bn The Green Wellies (PWO).

    In fact, I think it was because of the Green Wellies thing that has kept them 'alive' for so long.

    Joking aside, it's a crying shame, the loss of any capbadge is shame... ask Yorkshire's Cavalry!

    Yorkshire til I die!
  15. I accept the changes however "Once a Howard, Always a Howard" deep down