The Yorkshire Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Harry Paget Flashman, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. I caught a quick shufti at the proposed designs for the new insignia for The Yorkshire Regiment, but it quickly got removed from my sight. Does anyone know of a link where it can be viewed? I know the Green Howards site has the badge on it, but the version I saw had the new belt, TRF, etc.
  2. It'll just be a wallet with abloody great padlock on it
  3. Hear owt, see owt, say nowt, eat owt, drink owt, pay nowt.
  4. An if tha ever does owt fer nowt do it fer thissen.
  5. Someone was posting with the badge as their avatar earlier this week. Cross between GH (bottom) and DWR (top), with the rose in the centre.
  6. Harry - there is a photo of the new designs in the General Military Gallery.

    The new stable belt looks far too much like the Durhams/Green Jackets colours, and that buckle looks expensive to me.
  7. That's exactly what I was looking for Polar, many thanks old chap. :D
  8. To be called "The Green Wellies"?!
  9. Nah .... the Prince of 'Light' Green Wellies

    Anyone know whats happening to the LI? TA rumour control has LI leaving Yorkshire i.e. the last remnants of TA KOYLI are becoming REng, which sort sets a small precendent (Yorks are the only Yorks Regt, LI becoming a South West Regt)
  10. What will happen to the LI TA in Durham according to this rumour?
  11. Last I heard (again rumour) was they would be part of the TA RRF Bn (current Tyne Tees Regiment).
  12. 5 RRF is the two RRF Coys, Durham LI Coy and current HQ Coy TTR last I heard....
  13. so what's the verdict, guys?

    Given that 4/5 GH, 3PWO and 3DWR are long gone, is the new TA Yorkshire Bn identity good news (the identity issue, don't focus on the reductions)?

    Personally my own view is 'so long xxxxxx, you were but a mere blip in proud regiments' history, cobbled together quickly, riven by internal politics and won't be missed.....' The formula could have worked but one CO vs OCs of former regiments seeing themselves as the custodians of regimental honour and status with a direct line to three different Hon Cols and RHQs (all with with an obligation to 'keep tabs on' and 'make quiet suggestions in high places') and all the effects this had.. was never going to work. Unless everyone had tried. But they didn't.

    You can insert what you like in xxxxx above - Tyne Tees, EWRR, I'm sure it applies across the board. I'm glad this 5 year experiment is going back in the bin.