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The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by bandmasterRBL, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion - Needs players
    We are looking for ex military musicians, drummers, Buglers and a Drum Major!

    Description: We are Yorkshire's premier concert and marching band which is proud to be an official band of The Royal British Legion.
    We are available for all kinds of functions but are also currently recruiting in all areas of the band ie Brass, Woodwind and Percussion
    We are a uniformed band and players must be at around the grade 6 level

    Name of Band: The Yorkshire Band of The Royal British Legion
    Location: Fontenay Barracks, Wakefield Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Telephone: 07932 752512

    Website: Home - YBRBL
    Bandmaster: Louise Lingard-Snape BA (Hons) FTCL LTCL
    Rehearsals: Monday 19:30 until 21:30
    Recruiting: All areas of the band from age 16 upwards

    See Home - YBRBL for lots more details