The yooof of today

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Couldn't run to catch a bus,
    permanently glued to the PSP or Wiiii,
    cn ony tlk 'n txt,
    BMI of under 30 and you're in
    They have all got degrees that equate to our O Levels

    Are they good for anything at all??..... wtevr......

    Squad 186, you have done us all proud ...well done :!:

    Now after you have painted the wagons and swept the hangars, just get the brews in
  2. god bless alcohol and the elderly :)
  3. Don't you have any more PXRs to write???
    Are you saying my dad is so fat he can't get out of the house.
    Did U Chk yr PMs yet?
  4. yeah i have. good show 186 - but sub, your post does not exactly make that clear :)
  5. Yooooff ov 2day? :?

    1st-class. :D

    All they need's National Service and 1950s austerity and they'll turn up trumps. :lol:

    Just as my Pa did! :wink:
  6. Have i missed sumfin??
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Soz bro, my dog eight my books an I missed de buss, so I dont unnerstan wtf you are chatting about yeah?
  8. WTF? I take it that Squad 186 has just left the building...or am I so wrong?
  9. Hey, it's Subb's topic! He can deal with the PMs! Send PM's to Subb for info if you are utterly confused as I at first was!!
  10. i must confess that even by sub's standards, this was one of his more cryptic posts :)
  11. I bet the Darksiders understood it...
  12. ...we did.

    Well done, 186. The Corps is in good hands if you are the future.
  13. Errr, um... nope.
  14. Have been enlightened by other means.

    Well done 186 - Hussar!!
  15. I'll second that emotion