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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blade-Runner, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Sad state of affairs when idiots come out with boredom as an excuse for burning cars and generally being little shits!

    BBC News - Growing up on Blackburn's troubled Shadsworth estate

    Sure we all got bored at some point during our childhood, but I didnt sit and think about who I could terrorise or set fire too..... (Does snowballing windows and chap door run count as terrorising? ). We got our kicks by building sheds in a forest.... then attacking the other kids who built their shed at the other end of it! All good fun... and yes at times we took a beating too but all in jest!

    I feel for sorry for these kids, where did it all go wrong for them? I guess if they are disruptive little c**ts who would want to pal with them or invite them to a game of footie or so.
  2. I'd probably do the same if I lived (can you call it living?) in Blackburn, or Burnley come to that!
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  3. Disrutpive little ***** who in the past would have been sent to prison/borstal/'special' school now make excuses that their equally mongy families stand behind and the bad-news-sells media use to batter the state. Because of course, it's the responsibility of the state to bring children up properly...
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  4. I grew up on a similar estate. You either get out or sink.
  5. So were you in the BBC film then?
  6. very marshy was it?
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  7. Unfortunately kids have been doing this sort of thing for the last 2 or 3 decades it's nothing new.
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  8. Of course its nothing new but the situation isnt exactly getting better is it? It's just gradually getting worse because of the PC brigade not allowing the Country to give them a boot *********** to get them on track again!
  9. There's estates like this up & down the country & very little has changed over the years.

    Heaven forbid what Ayrshire/Lanarkshire is like these days, I can barely last a long weekend visit these days ;-)
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  10. Its the Welfare State that have contributed also.... thats why this scum multiply to soak up all the benefits of free housing and flat screen TVs! Hence when the kids grow up, the parents still dont give a **** cause theyve got what they want out of it.
  11. Over half of police calls to the estate are to "Deal with" anti-social behaviour.

    What proportion of those calls are made to police by the ASBO families ?

    It's the ASBO game. Call police when peaceful residents get to the end of their tethers and look like retaliating. The ASBO folks manipulate, and thus mock, the police.

    Police attend and perpetuate the situation in which peaceable people continue to be victims (Of the ASBOs/Police alliance)

    A problem is that police "Respond". They only address the substance of the call (from the ASBO manipulating police) and fail to apply the test for "Any other offences revealed".

    The last govt brought in a strategy. For example the Family Intervention Tenancy. Why aren't huge housing associations (Like Dane Housing in midlands and north) using these ? They appear to have their own strategy of housing ASBO families next to owner occupiers (So others of their tenants are spared the noise nuisances etc).

    Isn't it the case that in Cheshire Council Noise Nuisance officer(s) wanted their council to take housing assn to court ?

    Indeed haven't such noise nuisance officers quit over the issue of indifferent housing assn activity ?

    Wait until universal credit comes in and housing assns find themselves deprived of their direct housing benefits income stream. They may begin to see their tenants in a whole new light once they try getting the rent money off them .....

    Unless IDS has a rethink between now and next Autumn then it should be fun to watch.
  12. ADHD kids learn how to get up and ready for school on their own. The state provided taxi service enables the parent to stay in bed. Plus enjoying the extra benefits ADHD provides.

    Foetal alcohol syndrome parents giving birth to further generations of foetal alcohol syndrome ADHD kids.

    Yet they know how to breed bull terriers and feed the puppies anabolic steroids. Funny how they can pay attention to learning that.
  13. From the Telegraph article;

    Once, I sent a girl home with her first book, to share with her mother. She was bursting with pride, but the mother told me: "It's not my job to listen to her read – it's yours."

    A 14-year-old was a top achiever until she realised it wasn't the done thing for someone from her community, so she started to play truant.

    Others meet the attitude: "Why should you stay on at school? I didn't, and I manage."

    This weight of deprivation can be next to impossible to counteract. Healthy children enter school not toilet-trained, unable to dress themselves, only knowing how to eat with a spoon or with their fingers, never having sat around a table to enjoy a home-cooked family meal.

    Gas the parents, it's the only way
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