the yanks?

i've heard all sorts of stories about what poor soldiers the yanks are, no stamina, no leadership abilities at low level etc. are these stories true, do you have any good ones yourselves about the septics?
Like anywhere fella, you get dregs and good profesional soldiers alike. Some of their lads really know their stuff and are very profesional indeed. And you get some real wasters. I'm sure you've seen that in our forces
Ooooh get you Rigger getting all Victor you ghastly yid. Come on ROOT get a grip or I'll you will end up with the badest chinese and a monkey scrub on your Napper.
But your are right, some of them are allreet, but theys talks funny dun em.


I did meet a young US army officer who regarded Vietnam as a draw ;D ;D ;D


We got one to explain the 24 hour clock to us, in the cookhouse at Westdown Camp, because we didn't understand it. He spent ten minutes patiently showing us his watch and getting us to add or subtract 12 where applicable. He kept referring to it as My-littery time.

He was fairly thick.

Mind you, we used to go through their bins in the mornings, minesweeping their infinitely superior rations.
They used to watch us out of their windows, so I imagine we looked fairly cool too.


They used to suprised that we had to wait 15 years for our LS & GC when they got one every 3, apparantly!

They did throw the most excellent BBQ's in Berlin! Their ice dustbins were so big, the Brit lads would risk drowing to get the cans at the bottom of them!- You needed pearl divers lungs to get them!

I like them, they make me look good! and thats an achievement in my book!


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We used to cross train with the yanks a fair bit in the 70ties, they would always ask "hey were you in Vietnam" knowing full well, that is was not a brit affair.

The bog standard reply from the sweats was "No the vietcong did not need us, they could beat you on their own" hehe that used to shut em up.

Or yeh.......Birming Nam now fu#k off.

Yes we always got on with the yanks, although they were pissed off when they found their regimental goats head cut off, and nailed to the top of the Unit Flag pole.

heheheh caused some sh#t that one.

The guy who did it was most bemused at all the fuss he caused, as he said no biggy, he just wanted to see the look on the yanks faces.



Once got rid of a rancid range stew on site guard by telling the spams that it was the anniversary of Stonehenge and we were all eating "Henge Stew" - a traditional British dish at this time of year.

They couldn't get enough of it and gave us enough MREs to last 3 site guards!!!


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You sound like a mean and vindictive tightwad!
You must be a jock stereotype! ;) ;D

Quickest way for a chick to be branded undesirable.....admit to being porked by a Spam


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Agreed.......who'd want to follow a spam anywhere!!  they usually get lost!  Hmmm difficult brown springs to mind!

Muttley your right Ill shut up

Pot Brown then get rid sharpish ;D


:eek:I got a shock the other day :eek:

My brother met an American squaddie who knew what his kit was worth and wouldn't trade the cap badge for shiny american goodies ???

Whats the world coming to ???
should have filled him taken the goodies and stuck the cap badge in the bleeding pulp for all the other spams to see
A lot of their officers are commissioned straight out of their ROTC programme without ever going near an academy. Some are worse than useless and they rely on their NCOs, who are on the whole, very switched on. You hear some horror stories of guys ditching kit when they get tired during training and a general reliance on doing things by the book until they have been in a few years and get a clue about what is going on around them.

That being said, I know and work quite closely with a number of the staff at a US HQ in London and they tend to select some very switched on people to work there. I know at least 3 people who studied at MIT, and you don't get there by being stupid!
Can anybody tell me if the American's understand that the world is split into time zones? Im constantly getting calls whilst on duty in the middle of the night from people requesting to speak to somebody or other. The funny part is how indignant they get at being told that said person is not at work. "Why!!" they ask, "Erm, because its the middle of the night!?!" -beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


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They can be dumb like anybody, but they aint that dumb.

All Military understand time zones.

Your mouth wash aint makin it.

Go back to civvy streeet.


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