The Yanks, they get some things right

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Praetorian, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well done indeed. Se Broon and Bliar - THAT'S social justice!
  2. The yanks doing something right for a change.

    As we follow the septics lead into everything, lets hope the walt muppets over here get likewise
  3. Yeah, and after that, maybe our police can be allowed to try some NYPD-style Zero Tolerance.

    What am I thinking - we can't have police officers on the street, enforcing the Law and protecting citizens.

    That's just crazy talk! :evil:
  4. I totaly agree that the punishment seems fitting. Very much so. I do have a question though. What do you consider a "choccy gong"?
  5. Absolutely WW. How can the Police even begin to tackle such issues when society is still beset by homophobia, islamophobia, chavophobia, ageism, sexism, discrimination against the disabled -- sorry "differently abled", oh, and speeding drivers? Crime can wait, and besides, criminals count amongst the ranks of the "discriminated against" anyway, and deserve our kindness and understanding.

    Did someone mention they were organising a coup? Where can I sign up - I feel I'm being discriminated against.

    Rant over, time for a drink... :lol:
  6. Those are vile accuracies!

    The police resemble your remarks! :twisted:
  7. You say it like they're bad things....

    Screw my coat, I'll just get a cab... :roll:
  8. Bravo the Yanks!
    Wasn't there a thread on untended war cemeteries in Afghanistan &/or Iraq - perfect for them... & poppy tin thieves?
  9. This lot??
  10. Iraq. RAF Habbanniya (sp?)
  11. That is a dilema to me. If someone had done the service that those medals claimed I would not consider it chocolate. Obviously the reverse would be apropriate without the service. They would then be Walters.

    IMO this is a grey area. The hard and fast rule would be to wear only medals that where issued. What about war veterans from a WW though? Someone who actualy did the service and bought the relevant star/medal? Are they then a Walt? I don't think so as they are not claiming to have done something they did not do.

    Another situation is an ex RAF coleague of mine. Now retired and a winner of a foreign governments award. In-service he would not be alowed to wear it. Ex-service, he was awarded it for genuine reasons. Who the Hell are we to say about genuine wearing then?

    It is his medal. Awarded genuinely. Ex-service. Why should he not wear it? Not exactly chocolate.
  12. Iraq: Al Kut, Al Amara, Makina Masul...
    Afg: Maiwand, Sherpur, Kabul...
    (sorry if innaccurate, can't access CWGC website for some reason!) :?
    & there's always Gaza, Pakistan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Burma....
    in fact, they'd end up having to put adverts begging people to walt/steal poppy tins :D
  13. Yep, as I mentioned elsewhere, the US Congress recently passed the "Stolen Valor Act", making it a Federal crime to impersonate a veteran. Note that the article says the prosecutor was the US Attorney. Walting can now get you sent to "Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Arse Prison" (for those of you who've seen 'Office Space'). If someone is suspected of walting now, the local FBI field office is who to contact. FBI is actively investigating and charging for this crime.
  14. There are plenty of threads on this issue. A few Arrsers would seem to agree with you but the general consensus of opinion is usually that you should only wear what you have actually been awarded. Have a search and you'll find all the arguements for and against.