The yanks still don't get it (part 2)

Now the Cynic in my thinks that a useful role for George Galloway might be as a fund raiser in the UK for the IRA..Iraqui Republican Army, and that organisation might be called NORAID. We could supply Shia rebels with money to buy arms and ammunition as they set up their protection rackets, drug running, money laundering, and prostitutes.

As the SPAMS get bored out of their minds in the "Sandy toilet" patrolling around while the locals lob a few molatovs at them, or take the occasional pot-shot from a window, or try and blow a few of them up with an IED pipe-bomb or mine. Then, as they establish check points, they can use their pointy-talky to establish ROIs, that when somenoe drives through a checkpoint at speed, one of them opens fire, and then gets done for manslaughter by a leftie-liberal judge and put away for a few years for doing what he was told.

Sick of taking a battering, the CIA can set up intelligence units to operate covertly, and special forces can try and prevent terrorist attacks from happening, while the rank-and-file suffer insults at the hands of locals while attempting to win their hearts and minds with patience and relative good humour.

Then, after years of suffering this nutse, the Democrats can unwind all of the institutions people have given their lives to protect and hand over power to the local Shia terrorists in return for no concessions while a retired Brit general looks on.

Let's call it payback time for all the nutse that the "good ol' boys" from Boston helped put us through for so many years in Ulster by their lies, propaganda, and fund-raising to keep the Republican dream alive. Let's say thanks for all of their support in bringing pressure on Sinn Fein/IRA to end their campaign of slaughter in the UK and NI (sic) and repay their kindness by putting their boys through what we have endured as a consequence of their financial and political support for these murderous, callous, terrorists for more than 35 years!  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:


Very well said W

well it could happen, couldn`t it?


not too good if it really happens cos the iranian and the iraqis would make formidable allies joint oil and weaponry next stop islamise pakistan , syria , saudi arabia and maybe just maybe turkey and forcebly convert them to shia faiths
Not sure if it will happen quite like that. What I am sure of , having attended a local civic/business muslim forum yesterday is this.

All the Muslims I spoke to yesterday, are pissed at the Labour Party, and Blair especially, for making war, as they see it , on Muslims. That WILL be reflected in the local council elections. Unfortunately, they may well turn their votes, to some of the radical islamic parties that are springing up hereabouts.

Their biggest complaint, apart from the "beats up on Islam" , is that little or nothing visible, is being done to help the Iraqi people. They really resent that.

We're about to see a sea change of opinion in the UK methinks, and I'd like to ask Blair

No WMD's , no contracts, more spend on garrisoning British troops in areas of poor infrastructure, a serious rift with Europe, and a fall in esteem in the countries where we need to be maintaining our reputation of fairness and decency

Was it worth it Mr. Blair?

...and before you say "Yes, because he could have been supporting terrorism" , let me tell you this. It is generally felt in the Muslim community, that Saddam was a CIA agent. They want to know why an "Evil dictator" when threatened with Death or deposing, didn't use everything at his disposal to fight.They also name by example;  Ayatollah Khomeni (Turned by the KGB) and Osama Bin Laden, who is only a legend in muslim minds, as far as Western security agencies are concerned.They see Afghanistan in rag-order, run by a Bush snr stooge. They think the whole thing is an American and radical zionist plan, that ends with the invasion of Pakistan

So let's be blunt Prime Minister, as far as they are concerned, you screwed the Pooch.
oH, THAT'S JUST balls frankly Part_Time_Pongo (says it all!). Most Muslims don't support terrorism but those that do only respond to violence, just like PIRA and there mates. We can't be gay here. We have to look after our own INTERESTS!


Could not have put it better myself,but they will still try and tell you it was all our fault and that we were the murdering bastards!!! :roll:
Sorry! My bad but doesn't change the fact that appeasement is appesement and it's an odd shaped kidney whatever way you slice it. We've still got to stand tall really.
The_Goon said:

Yet the war in Iraq is still going on and coalition troops are still getting killed or injured.

This thread shouldn't be classed as "Out of date" until the war in Iraq is over.
Miss the point somewhat, Bad_Crow. This thread is out of date because the initial ideas and arguments are four years old, and it's somewhat amusing to watch DS counter a point of view put forward more than four years ago by PTP!

The Iraq war is still on, no one can (or is attempting) to deny that. If DS wishes to have a debate/argument/slagging match/whatever then a newer thread or one of his own may be a better place to start it.

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