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Yet as some units build a rapport with the town's people, there is a risk others could undermine it.

Marines recently sent to patrol the streets have adopted a more confrontational approach despite the fact the town is peaceful.

Machine-gun positions have been set up along the main road.

And on Tuesday they were using a loud speaker on a Humvee vehicle to warn locals not to get too close to the marines or try to sell them anything.

There is still concern about suicide attacks - but these tactics are unlikely to make local people see the Americans as liberators.
And was I the only one who felt that the A-10ing of that building the other day was just sheer indiscriminate fire.

The tw@ts really ought to get a grip.....too many war films.
oi, take that flag off, what have i told you!

thats better!



There's definitely a difference in the septics warfighting techniques compared to our own.

Watched a National Guard tank unit driving into Bagdad a few days ago on the TV.

They came across a fuel tank outside a building, so they smegged it with a Bradley cannon.  No particular reason, probably did it just to see what would happen.

Congratulations America, you've just liberated a pile of rubble :-/
Ive just watched live the removing of the statue in central Baghdad with my head in my hands as they raised the American flag over it. What the fcuk were they thinking. They just dont get it do they. Even Al Lockwood was unable to think of spin for that one and his reply was eeerrrmm no I don’t think that was appropriate. ???


When I tried explaining in Kos to the Yanks that soft hats and slung weapons was the way to stop the local population shooting you in the arrse they looked at me as if I was even shorter of marbles that their president.  

They really do not have a grasp on the realities of PK Ops, no doubt we'll show them how it is done in Basra (not that they'll take any notice-they have said that Syria is next)
i hate to be the bearer of bad news but it seems the yanks have done OK here. the iraqis seem pretty damn happy about it, all done with far fewer casualties than expected.


Yank's have done ok?

The Iraqi's just seem happy because the septics are the one's with the big stick now.  If Saddam popped up, I'm sure they'd be shouting his praises and kissing his ring (or whatever the gesture is :eek:)

They're probably just thankful that they haven't got to put up with millions of dollars of ordnance being dropped on them every night, so they can get some sleep now. :)
Oh dear.  Not detecting a petit, bijou tadette of professional envy here, am I?  Seems the Yanks took Baghdad in only two days whilst it took our lot two weeks to take Basra.  Bearing in mind that Baghdad is (a) five times larger; (b) ten times further from Kuwait; and (c) twenty times better defended than Basra, I think the septics have done a pretty remarkable job, despite the regrettable FF instances.  Wouldn't it behoove us to take our hats off to them, rather than engage in pointless and unnecessary carping for once - you never know, we might be added to Mr Rumsfeld's list if we don't;-)


It's not professional envy at all, I just don't agree with the way that the Lamb Shanks have conducted themselves throughout.

In the first few days of the conflict, it was evident that their mission was "Bagdad or Bust".

So they went hurtling up country, starting fights in all the towns on the way, shooting up everything they came across, moving on and leaving their own supply lines behind hence the big lul a week ago.  The UK contingent seemed to get left behind in the south of Iraq to finish things properly.

By not trashing everything, the people of Basra have only the future to build on, unlike the US liberated areas, where the people have to rebuild their homes.

If a concerted effort to "fix things as they went" was made by the coalition, there may have been a more peaceful entry made into Bagdad after news of the gradual demise of Basra and the South unfolded.
If my post came across as derogatory to the Americans and what they have achieved, then my intention was far from it. The whole strategy used in this war is fantastic, and will be a wake up call to any other Countrys dictatorship to stay in line. The biggest battle is yet be won and thats convincing the population and the rest of the world, that we havent invaded but liberated them and will soon be leaving, but then they go and hang their flag in front of the world press over the statue. The front pages of all the Arab newspapers show the flag over the head not the toppling of it. I think it was just the Marines getting overwhelmed with the whole situation and at the end of the day they risked their lives to get to that statue so why not show a bit of national pride. Interesting though how they now say it was the flag from the pentagon that was flying on September 11th.    Hmmm me thinks that they have employed the Iraqi minister of information for his ability to spin any situation.


Let's face it we are 2 nations with different outlooks on the world, and how we react to it.

the way I see it, we the Brits go all out hearts and minds, win the battles, then the locals.

The USA is a nation that is paranoid in its confrontational escapades!! They have guns in every day life and just can't wait to use them, also knowing that their Gov. will always back them up(ish) so they seem to go all out for conquest, and damn the consequences


::) Good to see not every Brit thinks the American way sucks... Guess your hearts and minds will have to be next. ;)

As you've said, we'll live with our results and fix what we have broke.

Mr Happy

Regarding Basra.  From the armchair I was sitting in I did fully expect us to get on inside and do the business a lot quicker, our delaying did no favours to the septics ('cos they wanted to know what the urban resistance was like I expect) etc.  

Obviously it all kinda turned out OK but I was suprised it took so long.
What the septics fail to realise in their real-time game of Risk is we have had an empire and failed thats why we do it the way we do. Spank foreign policy consists of sending 30 B52's or building a crap load of McDonalds. And they wonder why nice people feel they must fly aircraft into their buildings!
Every empire has an exirpy date. The Roman, Gretian, Ottaman, Turkish, Egyptian, Prussian, Austro-Hungarian, Chinese, Soviet and our very own attempts at divide and conquer have failed. What makes these slack jawed yolkes think they can make the difference? Their time will come soon.
Don't see them offering the North Koreans outside for a scrap. Why? About 2 billion Chinese I think.
Off soap box, into me pit.

Mr Happy

That would be fine if they were empire building, but they're not.  Sure they'll leave boys on the ground for the next 100 years (oil run out date?) but whilst there is oil in that region they'll stay.  But they won't run/administrate or anything else.  They've done very well in Germany/Japan for the past 60 years despite the odd protest.
Welcome back Flash :)

Good point Happy, but somewhat negated by the fact that Japan and Germany aren't within Scud range of Israel :(

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