The yanks are pulling out of Afghan next year!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Breaking News coming out of CNN confirming that U.S forces are to end combat missions in Afghan next year.

    No doubt that Britain will now do the same.
  2. Is that exactly what is being said?
  3. I have just seen it with my own ****ing eyes Stacker.
  4. Well put up the link then.
  5. not pulling out as title suggests but ending combat missions and focusing on a mentoring role!

    its a start
  6. just visited and there's nothing showing about Afghan at all... also nothing on BBC or sky.
  7. “Hopefully by mid to the latter part of 2013 we’ll be able to make a transition from a combat role to a training, advise and assist role,” Panetta said. His comment, while en route to Brussels for a NATO meeting, was confirmed to CNN by a defense official.

    That comment can be taken many ways - and I would expect that the transition will be a gradual one.
  8. Repeat this: Ending combat missions does not equal pulling out.

    And saying it again, just to absorb the "fact."
  9. The OP is an ass. Daily Mail reader by any chance?
  10. Are you questioning Air Filters own ****ing eyes?
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  11. Nowt wrong with his eyes, it's his ability to understand long words (more than 3 letters in hs case) that causes problems.
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  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Bloomberg are reporting end of combat ops mid-2013

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  13. And another source:

    US plans to end Afghan combat mission in 2013 | World news |

    To summarise, the US will be "ending its combat role in the second half of 2013" and is still aiming to be completely out by the end of 2014. If you're surprised then you haven't been paying attention. If theres anyone out there that still thinks what we are doing in AFG is worth the cost I have yet to meet them, outside a few careerists within the Army.

    I fully expect that we will be mirroring this timetable so we are one, two tops, HERRICKs away from starting to turn off the Ops cycle. Probably about time to start thinking about what to do with the Army after HERRICK then. Oh, and if the current government doesn't see it as an opportunity to shift some more soldiers into the Reserves I shall eat my hat.