The yamaha R6 99-2002 and the phantom SV650


Now some of you may be thinking, not him again i thought he just said he has bought a bike! Well I did. Did is the operative word in the sentence.

When I arrived to ride home my lovely sv650 the man selling had kindly sold it to someone else. Even worse when considering I live 90 miles away and he hadn't told me a thing about the deal. So he had my deposit and had sold my bike. I said you bastard. Now where is my deposit. He then proceeded to reply with the following "I'm not to sure mate"

What would you do in this situation?

My reply was somewhat short but sweet. Give me my fcuking money now before i smash your door in and get it myself. This proceeded to an exchanging of less than gentleman like words. In the end i did get my deposit back :wink: .

So, sod the SV lets go for an R6! What are these bikes like? Any known issues with the 99-02 models? Anyone on the forum got one? Would love to hear your stories of crap reliability or vice versa. Cheers, mikardo.


had a r6 myself before some scum broke in garage and stole my r6 road bike and r6 race bike. they are very good they hold there price because even the 5eb models are stunningly great on road and track. brakes are top notch for what they are. but you have to be aware r6`s are racers bike so alot have been tracked or raced. you NEED to check sumps oil filter and oil filler cap for holes...if there are holes walk away as thats a sign its been raced and lock wired. start her up dont be shocked by a noisey top end when its cold let it warm up when its at the optimal operating temp which is around 80-100 on the temp guage give it some beans. you want NO SMOKE no tapping. if its tapping it could be owned valves or tappets well past there prime. also if you can check wheel bearings and head bearings.

this time of the year you can get a very good condition one for between 2k- 2.5k

or spend an extra £500-£750 and buy a kawasaki zx6r b1h i have one and my o my there amazing but you DO need a steering damper as they suffer from head shakes over bumpy roads.


Thanks alot, solid advice just what i like to see. I think i will just have a look around and try not to make the deadly mistake of buying with my heart instead of my brain. I'l shop around for a bit. By the sounds of it they need a thorough going over before purchase so I will do that.

Thanks again.