The WRU See Sense at Last!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Rumrunner, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. The Welsh Rugby Union have sacked their coach Gareth Jenkins. He was told this morning and the team arrive back in the Principality today.

    I wonder where the WRU will go from here? Command, countermand and chaos seem to be the watch words in Welsh rugby, who in their right mind would want to accept what must be a poisoned chalice?
  2. WRU Sack Jenkins!!

    Thank goodness sense has prevailed and "that cnut" Jenkins has gone. He has turned Welsh rugby into a laughing stock, Grand Slam Winners to nobodies in two seasons.

    I personally would like to see the WRU apologise to Mike Ruddock and welcome him back with open arms but because of what went on behind the scenes I think that is highly unlikely.

    A Southern Hemisphere coach would be a great idea as their teams seem to be streets ahead in terms of physicality and tactics. Get someone in who is not afraid to put the players in their place and drop those who are there on reputation alone.
  3. If we could get him, only one man should have his job. Lyn Jones.
  4. I would have to disagree. I don't think any of the Magners League coachs are good enough. GJ did fantastically well with LLanelli and then the Scarlets but was found hopelessly wanting on stepping up to International rugby. Wales need to look for a Coach with proven international experience to drag the team out of the gutter. A total overhaul is needed and very quickly!!!
  5. I'd agree however, you've gotta be careful as for every Warren Gatland, obsolute leg end did wonders for Ireland, Wasps ans Waikato, there's a Matt Williams who about single handedly destroyed Scottish rugby.
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  7. I'm hearing rumours from people on the inside that Scott Johnson might be available after Australia's current campaign ends one way or the other.

    Let's face it, Wales are pretty good at defending, we need to do more on the attack. If you can't control the ball and keep possession, it doesn't matter how good you are at defending, eventually the opposition will find a crease and exploit it.
  8. How about THIS Bloke.

    Seems to be doing a good job, I dont know why the WRU never thought of it before
  9. What about Sir Clive Woodward..... after all, he is a world cup winner!!

    Now .. now .. Taffy... put that knife down!!
  10. Why not? He couldn't do any worse than Jenkins and if he f**ks up then at least we will be able to get our hands on him!
  11. It looks as if Eddie Jones is one name in the frame (BBC Link). First task for the new manager will be to get rid of Alfie - no matter how good he is, he's too much of wild card, both on and off the pitch and will have to go. I suspect that the problem is that he wants to be manager and will always think he knows best.

    Unfortunately, I see months of in-fighting and bitching in Welsh rugby when we should be concentrating on fixing a few small problems.
  12. At least Gareth Jenkins and the welsh team tried there best .

    They should sack WRU group chief executive and his management .
    I also feel sorry for Martyn Williams who bows out with 76 caps it was so sad when he said it was not the way he wanted it to end

    At least Gareth Jenkins tried
  13. You know fuck all about Rugby. Mong.
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    She won't be here for much longer. :wink: