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France and Germany reject US Iraq plans

The French and German leaders said US concessions were inadequate
French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder have said a US draft resolution seeking greater international help in Iraq does not go far enough.
Speaking after talks in Germany, Mr Chirac said the US proposals "seem quite far from what appears to us the primary objective, namely the transfer of political responsibility to an Iraqi government as soon as possible".

In the draft text published on Thursday, the US says the UN should play a role in preparing for a new Iraqi government but it does not cede any political or military control.

It came as US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called for 10,000 more foreign troops to be deployed in Iraq as part of a multinational force called for in the draft resolution.

Reaffirms 'vital role' of UN
Calls for democratic elections
Seeks multinational force

Mr Rumsfeld arrived in Baghdad on an unannounced visit on Thursday for talks with US commanders and civilian leaders there.

Britain has also ordered a review of its troop numbers in Iraq.

The US draft resolution says the UN should play a "vital role" in Iraq and its special representative should co-operate with the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council in preparing for elections.

Oh Dear :(
Schroeder does what Chirac tells him and Chirac has lots of family reasons for not wanting to upset the Iraqis.

We sold MadSad 300m worth of military eqpt, the Germans three times as much and the French twenty times as much. I think it would be very interesting to see who in France profited from those sales. I don't know but I wouldn't bet against certain people.

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