The Wrestler

Great film with Mickey Rourke as Ram, a washedup wrestler, who has a heart attack - taking away the only thing in life he can do. Lots of violence and action, especially loved the 'stapler' scene.


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Much more 'documentary' feel to it than I was expecting. Apparently Vince McMahon (WWE boss) called up Rourke and the Director to say how much he liked it.

According to those in the know, the film is pretty true to the lives of many faded '70's and '80's once - great wrestlers who fell on hard times. Worth watching, to see how truely tragic a life "Randy 'The Ram' Robinson" leads.
My mrs said "that was shit" after the sharp ending but she's a thick cnut who's on her way down the road very soon. Ending was bang on considering the only other options were the 2 happy endings. (daughter or bird)
For me The Wrestler was the biggest life changing film i have ever seen.

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