The wounded platoon on BBC 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by London_native, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Right now about US Soldiers.
  2. Watching it now, interesting seeing CO's etc and their opinions compared to their soldiers, some of which being interviewed in Prison after returning from Iraq.
  3. $hit, missed it...caught last 5 minutes. Googled but can't see a repeat (other than iplayer)
  4. It should be on BBCi player in 30-60 minutes.
  5. I think the Yanks could benefit from having some sort of TRiM courses based on the evidence of last night's programme.

    Watching this,which highlighted the manpower shortage for "The Surge", it brought home to me how they do everything in terms of numbers and quantity not quality.
  6. The quantity not quality rings true.

    A lot of these soldiers were on drug programmes after being diagnosed with PTSD from previous tours, it’s incredible that they were scooped up for the “surge” and expected to perform normally? in a Battlefield environment. It’s no wonder that they went a bit OTT in Iraq and even more incredible that they were expected to blend back into peace time mode on their return. The prescription drugs they were given just to get through the day and night would turn them into unfeeling and uncaring Zombies until their reality becomes the norm. Perhaps that’s what the CoC wanted all along.
  7. Yes, but they won (with quantity) and we lost (with quality)......
  8. Did they win?
  9. We'll find out in a few years
  10. I may not have caught it all (phone call while watching) but I could not understand why there seemed to be query as to why that pln was sustaining higher than average losses? They seemed to be very gung ho and this might have explained it. I am still unsure about the PTSD bit - some of them were pretty psychotic and may have been diagnosed PTSD because they were not closely examined when they got home.
  11. Are the yanks still doing 15 month tours, i was under the impression that this was a temp thing while the surge was on in IRaq.
  12. I watched the programme, and whilst it was really sad and depressing, I couldn't help thinking that the British Army does not seem to have the same problems, or am I being naive? When my Bn came back from Iraq and Ghanners, sure we had a few numpties who got into a scrape or two (and I am not passing judgement on them, they may have been experiencing PTSD), but on the whole our front line personnel seem to be coping better when returning home. Why are the Yanks having these problems? Are their tours too long? Are their combat units suffering operational overstretch?