The worth of the BELA

Discussion in 'ACF' started by massivegeoff, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Apparently someone up at county has pointed out that we need to have BELA qualifed instructors to run our AT package this month. Just looking at the website and the faff involved in getting qualified...Do any other units have BELA qualified people? How many? How was it organised?
  2. It's aimed at school teachers wanting to go on nature walks.

    Just a money spinner for some civvie quango, and a dead end. You'd be better off using the Mil system & doing SMP, UEL, JSMEL.

    You shouldn't need any extra quals for your planned activity, if a BELA would cover it so will your ITC. Best solution is to get geared up to do SMP in house and use it as something for the gaffer to hang his/her authorisation on.
  3. as above not needed, speak to your TSA.
    best bet is to use CCAT, run MLT, climbing etc, quals count for military and civi. or cant remember. all courses are on westminster.
  4. WTF is BELA?
  5. Its actually now BEL.(Basic Expedition Leadership)
  6. WTF is WTF?
  7. WTF is WAH