The worst thing youve been told by the opposite sex

Whats the worst thing you've ever been told by a member of the opposite sex - preferably (but not exclusively) during acts of a sexual nature.

i'll start the ball rolling:

"you're shite"

In my defense though it was after several beers, a couple of shots of sambuca, a fair few vodkas and a bottle of wine.
It doesn't fit inthere...
After enquiring as to why she had a school uniform over the back of a chair in her bedroom-

Because I'm 15 and still at school......

Fortunately asked the question before it was too late. I was considerably younger than I am now and I did meet her in the pub where she was swilling pints like thy were going out of fashion.
Imagine the scene, a young Von Harley dressed to kill having just got his yearly bonus. The world was his oyster and he had enough money in the bank to get a place with his student girlfiend. The young lovers meet in his favourate pub to discuse marrage, flats and motorbikes.

Slut EX- I'll get the round in, what do you want?
LVH - {shocked as he has been buying every drink, meal night out for two years} Oh, just a half, I know your a poor student.
LVH - I have some thing to ask you.
Slut EX - So have I, and you will hate me for it.
LVH - I'll never hate you, your perfect!
Slut Ex - I don't think I love you any more.
LVH - Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck me!

That was that last time I heard from her until about three months later, she called and I gave it to her with both barrels.

Do I have any regrets?
Only that I did not order a FULL pint!

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