The worst thing a woman can do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hammy123, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Ive just followed a female colleague of mine into the shared bogs, the dirty c*nt didnt flush the bog properley and the red duster was still floating in the bog and the whole place stank of menstrual blood. Dorty b*itch! Nearly made me bring my three pints of John Smiths and fish and chip lunch back up. Got me thinking, whats the worst thing a woman has ever done to you or youve seen done?
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Marry me.
  3. Similar experienece. When I was a student, a girl left the bloddy tampon applicator in the windowsill, and the same week left some chicken livers on top of the fridge to defrost.

    Note- when I said the same week I mean for a week.
  4. Thgread brings back back unpleasnat memories of only a fornight ago . . . a girl I had round flushed her tampon down the bloody toilet blocked the whole thing up and I had to fish around for about ten minutes unblocking it with a coat hanger to unblock it . . .
  5. Say yes when you drunkenly propose marriage.
  6. similar tampon incident. Bed a friends friend, she nips out for a second to dispose of tampon, we do the dirty, she then leans over and asks if I have a tampon (!!!???). Surprisingly enough I don't so she kindly spills her evilness all over my £40 White Co. sheets. I couldn't give a fcuk about the blood, but those sheets were pure egyptian cotton.
  7. Come storming into the bathroom when your having a bath and send a smelly, putrid log round the u-bend, and go straight back out leaving a god-almighty stench... what the feck do they eat??
  8. Scratch her balls 8O
  9. go shopping and not buy any beer or pringles,they should be put up against a wall and shot for that fcuking shocker! :x
  10. Cook (thank god it's chippie friday).
  11. ask for wine in the squadron dear what the fuck is port!!!
  12. In my own humble experience the worst thing a woman can do is track you down after a one night stand, find out where your parents live and call them up to say what a tosser who are for doing a runner from a cheap motel in the morning and lumbering her with the bill.

    Tip: Never leave your mobile switched on when shacked up with a bint.

    My old Pa was proud though. I am sure I saw some pride in him for holding up the family traditions when we last met for ale.
  13. I find it thoroughly disgusting when a bird lets rip with a fart worthy of a fat knacker after a curry.
  14. The wife asking me to repeat what she just said?

    How the feck should i know....i was'nt listening!