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I have recently purchased mess uniforms from the following tailor:

Glover & Riding
Queens Avenue
Hampshire GU11 2BS

I had been recommended these clowns a long time ago and was told they were a little more expensive but you got what you paid for. I can honestly say they are a complete rip-off (quality was acceptable but not to level paid for, they also managed to mess up the Corps standard pattern and despite prior warning they have screwed me over regarding VAT refund). I don't think you will survive for much longer on this performance Donald and would point out that you communicate worse than the Bowman prototype...

Never in my life have I felt so poorly treated throughout (their customer service is atrocious) when spending sums of money. After the first uniform I took my business elsewhere and was delighted by the services of a company called Kashkets to whom I will provide lots of business in the future.

It's a shame as you reap what you sow. I wanted to test the water with Riding's and had they performed I would have provided them with lots of business (suits, covert coat, Service Dress, Blues etc; plus recommendation to others). Now they have messed this up that business will go elsewhere; perhaps they should have considered this when they produced shoddy uniforms, treated me like they were doing me a favour and of course broke the agreements we had.

Spread the word people - hate to see anyone else suffer like I did...
I've had a few dealings with Glover & Riding (Blues, Service Dress and Mess Kit altering) and if I'm honest, haven't had a problem to date. I found they kept me informed and communicated well. I do not write this to say that you are talking bollocks but mealy to keep this post balanced. All tailors are hit and miss. Some people rave about Samuel Brothers but personally I find their admin is about as good as a new Pte soldiers’. I’m glad you’ve found one that suits you though, no pun intended, and I’ll give Kashkets a try when I need something tailored. A quick question however, if you weren’t happy with the final product, did you pay for it and accept it or did you refuse it and ask for it to be altered?



I have used G&R for SD and No 1 jacket plus numerous suits over the last 8 years or so. They have always been of very good quality for the price, worn well and the service has been consistently good.

As per RibbleRavers comments, it is a shame that you did not have a good experience with them, but I can't second your opinion.
I've also used G&R for mess dress.

They took a little longer than expected, but the pattern was an unusual one. Quality was very good, especially given that I would have had to pay almost twice the price from the usual suspects in Old Londinium...
I have had a number of items done at Glover and Riding, It seems that any work carried out on site is of a high standard, however, any work subcontracted is very very poor.

They manage to botch sewing badges to a Number 2 jacket and take an extra 2 weeks to complete it.

Poor and inconsistent.


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I've used G and R and did not have a problem. Mrs BA's SD and Mess Kit were butchered by Goldings. Not only did they do a crap job they were rude, unhelpful and expensive. This was in 1999 but I hold a grudge. Samuels were very helpful doing a bit of reconstruction surgery to them but there was not a lot they could do due to how badly made they were in the first place.

BTB I still have and wear pater BA's SD that was made in May 1963 by Alkits(now out of business). Just shows you how long well made garments can survive.
I went there with second hand service and mess dress from RHQ to get them altered. The tailor from Glover's hummed and hah'ed and eventually said "well I'm afraid these are rather poor quality, you'd be better of buying a new set. Who made them" Queue some furious back-pedalling when he pulled open the mess dress jacket to reveal..... a Glover & Riding label.

Still, they did the best they could and saved me 1500 quid of my uniform allowance, even if I couldn't breath in the service dress.
I was on a deadline for the uniform and they knew it so I had no option but to take the first uniform. I elected to take my business elsewhere after that despite the difficulties this caused me. They did not even have the decency to have the tailor I had dealt with at the final fitting. I appreciate that people will have had decent service from them as they are (just) still in business. Given the changes in Aldershot and these times of austerity you would think they might deal with each customer as a long term investment; sadly this wasnt the case.

I will spend a lot of money over next few years on suits and tailoring and will not be going near this bunch of thieves...

David Ng at Kashkets provides a wholly different service and works tirelessly to make sure you can crack on with military life not worry about tailoring.
I have had a couple of suits made by G&R over the years and found them to be good quality, with good customer service. They have even acted like an old fashioned taylor and posted/invoiced me for stuff when I have been away on Ops.
I know Don Riding (and his twin brother Willy) personally, having served with them both almost 35 years ago in Paderborn, when Don was a LCpl in the RAOC. Funny enough, one of the first suits he put together was my wedding suit! Horrible green looking thing (I think the colour was all the rage at the time), but fitted a treat. I have also had a Service Dress through the company more recently and was not disappointed. It would appear the OP had an unfortunate experience, but in my opinion, they are a good company.
I have crossed fingers, as I have a recently acquired set of mess kit in G and R now. The Bulford Garrison tailor basically mugged me off when I showed him the mess kit and said I would be better purchasing one (he then proceeded to give me the card of a company - quote "these are the only guys I will measure mess dress for"). G and R however, had me measured and chalked up in half an hour, and have texted me to say that it is good to go. It went in on tuesday, and now it is Friday... Slick.

Frankly, I am very happy with G and R So far, and will use them until I have a bad experience. I was very disappointed with the garrison tailor.

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Funnily enough, having defended them 3 years ago on this thread, I am now about to reverse my position.

I will shortly be cancelling my account with them having held one there for over 10 years. The standard of their suits has deteriorated significantly over the last few years. I put the first one down to bad luck, but I ordered another two from them in 2011.

One had the inner bonding of the coat come adrift in a matter of weeks meaning the lilac lining started to droop down so far as to be visible below the outside cloth. I returned it to them to have it put right, and it was obviously that all they did was press it because it fell straight back after one wear.

The other one has had two seams plus the interior lining come apart. I sent that back, and they repaired the lining but forgot to sort the trousers.

Both suits have since gone to Ede and Ravenscroft who fixed them FoC as I had just ordered a M2M from them, which is much better than the two from G&R.

I don't know who they are subbing the work out to now, but it is nowhere near the standard that they were achieving before.
A few years ago I had a Blues jacket made in Germany by Michael Jay to avoid the VAT pre-posting back to the UK. It must have shrunk whilst I was staying in hotels for a week so took it in to G+R in Bulford to have the collar adjusted slightly - this was 10 weeks before a wedding so booked it on to their "routine" service taking 6 weeks. 2 weeks before the wedding, I was told it would not be ready in time as they had lots of other work to do...unless I paid for the express service. Interesting how holding me to ransom may well have pushed the problem on to another customer.

Admittedly, the lady in Bulford branch was only passing on the message, but was clearly embarrassed. By way of recompense, she offered me a £5 voucher. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth...but she actually gave me 5 x £1 vouchers to be used individually not collectively against the services in the future!

Saying that, when received, the work was good...but they had been given 9 weeks to alter a collar!!!

No, I haven't been back.


I have had a number of items done at Glover and Riding, It seems that any work carried out on site is of a high standard, however, any work subcontracted is very very poor.

They manage to botch sewing badges to a Number 2 jacket and take an extra 2 weeks to complete it.

Poor and inconsistent.
Issued No2 Jacket? No means of the unit getting it done? I wouldn't even sew Chevrons on a JHW when in the TA! Public uniform provided and maintained at public expense!
Sue them for breach of contract. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

Or at least threaten them, it won't cost you anything and there are letters online you can use.


Sue them for breach of contract. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

Or at least threaten them, it won't cost you anything and there are letters online you can use.
I dread to think how your kit is done!

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