The worst singlies accomodation in the army

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Speedy, Aug 15, 2004.

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  1. Despite all of the MOD's huff and puff about upgrading barracks and married quarters there still seems to be a distinct lack of activity in modernising the really, really bad singlies accomodation within the UK. My first unit in '88 was HQ 1(BR) Corps. It had the best accomodation in 13 years service until I finished my time in what I propose to be the worst accomodation in the army at Ward Barracks in Bulford (Sandhurst block). It really does display the worst kind of 1930's single paned window, cockroach infested hell hole that the army takes money off people to live in. It's only redeeming feature was the fact the coookhose was integral to it.
  2. I assume from the lack of response that all the singlies accomodation has been modernised in recent years then, and no-one lives in a crap hole pre WWII block with 6 man rooms anymore. Mind you, if anyone ever offered me accomodation like the Engineers have in Ripon I would snap it up like a shot.
  3. Hehehe...crap accom?...mmmm...well,in my service that would have to be 22 Engrs at Perham Down (tidders) looks quite modern from the outside...but inside?..that's a different story....the floor i was unlucky to stay on had 2 one man rooms,all the rest were 4 man rooms.They also had 2 washrooms..not bad you think...but! was shared by 2 troops worth of imagine how cramped it was...they refurbed the washrooms while i was there..mmm..they looked quite good too...but 6 months later the bogs were all blocked...paint peeling...etc,etc...the place stunk!If someone walked down the corridor everyone could hear them!!
    That's definately a place i'd knock down and bulid some decent digs for the boys :wink:
    The best place i've lived in was Germany....plenty of big spacey rooms with various amounts of people in them....1 man,2man,3man,and 4 man rooms (the new guys always started off in the 4 man as it gave them something to aim for... e.g. a smaller room with more privacy!) :D
  4. We have evolved..we are less concerned with the government spending on what we live in......rather what might save our lives?........That said accomodation is not something to be sniffed at........unless your............... 8)
  5. I remember the rooms in Perham Down so well, there i was a fullsrew in a four man room sharing with 3 other fullsrews what a F**Kin S**T hole that place was. They spent all that money on the toilets etc when the problem was the sewers and the drainage just could not handle all the crap as it were. We lived in better accomodation in bloody Bosnia as i recall !!!
  6. It was so depressing as a singlie to hear the pads gloating about how their new kitchen\bathroom\double glazing was being fitted that week, when all the guys living in camp were barred from living in certain rooms due to cockroach infestation. In Ward Barracks the 1930's hot water pipes would burst and turn the corridors into saunas. The plumbers would tell us that all they could do was patch the hole as the type of pipe used had not been produced in 50 years, and all that patching would do is make the next weak point in the hot water system spring a leak.
    Living in those old blocks was a little like being in George Orwell's Road to Wigan Pier when he describes the best workers houses as the ones whose windows actually opened,as many of ours had given up the ghost years before and had been painted shut since 1970.
  7. Well, I've got a lovely big quarter.
  8. And you've never lived in singlie scumbag land? :roll: Hah!...pads are the first to winge about anything...and that's a fact!!!
  9. This will end up at the old over 37 package debate me thinks :lol:

    Recently lived in the Warrant Officers mess at HMS Nelson the new Z type very very nice but rooms to small. It would seem we cant have the best of both worlds !!
  10. If you think you have it bad you should see the number of guys we have staying in a old scout hut.
  11. Two outstanding shite sandhurst blocks from my time were Abercorn Bks in Ballykilner (It did have a piped cable video system so it depended on who was Battlion Ord cpl depended on what porn we got!)and Burlon Bks In catterick (Which was sh*t and full of cockroches) and add the now knocked down single accom at the Support Weapons Wing neatheravon. Old stables or some pap. I've seen the light and have a big house which is mine, all mine !!!
  12. It's dead plush. It's got four bedrooms and I've only got two kids. I let my Ridgeback sleep in the spare room. He doesn't appreciate the built in wardrobes though. You'd like them.

    It's really nice. I was surprised how cheap the rent was as well. The patio at the back is tops. Soon as the suns up, the barby and the tinnies are out. Ace!

    The garage is just a storeroom for the crap I cannot be bothered to unpack and my ZXR. I get my car and the wife's on the driveway and there'e room for one more. It's brilliant.

    I've never lived in, apart from when on courses (and of course during basic), so I wouldn't know how it feels.

    I've been Ord Dog several times in my career and I've done quite a few block inspections of the singly accommodation.

    Some of you live like trolls. quarter is Ace!
  13. Here's a blast from the past for you golden oldies out there

    Flax street
    North howard street
    brown square
    And my personall favorite HMS Maidstone ,i spent 2 horendous months on that tub after amnesty international condemad it as "inhumane" for internees, so good old MOD stuck them all in the Maze and put twice as mant squaddies on board 8O

    Ah those were the days but at least it were better than a card board box int middle ot rode :twisted:
  14. Add to that list the comfy "Subs" In XMG, Bessbrook Mill, New Barnsley, Springfield rd, In fact any RUC station W/Belfast.....South Armagh. Ah thoses were the days....
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Hydrabad, 8 man rooms. 50% have to snore, it was on orders.