The Worst Rock Group in the World In The last 20 years

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taffridge, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Bring me the Heads of Milli Vanilli, and Busted.

  2. Bruce Spunkstain
  3. Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  4. McFly, if you can call it rock :threaten:
  5. White Lion
    Dogs D'amour

    the ones that immediately spring to mind. More to follow after a trip down memory lane.
  6. Muck flies!

    Why do they even bother to give them status as a rock band? :frustrated:
  7. Arctic Monkies, overyhyped new age ballcocks.
  8. Can The Towers of London be locked in The Tower of London for crimes against music. Preferably hung upside down with spikes up their nipsies
  9. Pink Floyd, overrated sleep inducing "dad rock" scheisse

    Any 1980's "rock" which involved spandex or bubble perms...
  10. wetlife!
    blue...should i go on?

    girls aloud
    liberty x
  11. My Chemical Toilet/Romance
  12. The Worst Rock Group in the World In The last 20 years
  13. Oasis - fecking horrible

    Those plastique 80s/90s types, especially terrible was 'The Final Countdown' by the bubble cut sporting, total cow pats 'Europe' eeeeuuurgh!
  14. Feel my wrath! *pokes in the eye*

    Floyd fcuking rock, you weird fecker.
  15. Europe and any other trash that looks and sounds exactly like europe - insert 375 bland rock bands below.