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The worst PSI I ever knew...


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Now this should spark some memories - just keep 'real names' out of it!  

In many TA years, I have seen loads of PSIs, from Inf to R Sigs and REME, to Int Corps and RE.   Almost all, expept those who ere either

a) uphill gardeners, or

b) married / scared witless of the wife

were, within a few months of arrival, screwing at least one of the Soldiers.  Is this a common occurence, or have I just been unlucky?  I know Inf CSgts are meant to be roughytoughy, but I know a couple of RSMs who did it as well! One went on to be Families Officer of a certain Senior English Infantry regt.

In my current Unit it seems accepted.  Out of 6 PSIs since my arrival, 5 have been at it.  Only one got short-toured, and that was because his missus threatened someone...

considering that PSIs are the only Regs most young TA soldiers ever see, is this a good example (I mean, apart from being a great recruiting incentive?)
You seem to have a lot of problems on your shoulders son..........why don't you just go and grass everyone up?  Go on....you know you want to....and besides...you'll get one over on a regular soldier!   That's what you really want after all isn't it?..........go on, you'll feel better for it!

Your deep rooted jealousy is oh so apparent.    

Tell you what, why don't you ask the females in your unit what they find so attractive about their PSIs?      They're obviously bored sh**less with you people!    

At a guess, I'd say that you don't get out very often?
"The worst PSI I ever knew" is a bit of a misnomer....

I've known some very good PSI's have errrrrr awaydays..

With all due respect to your pay scale Snowy, this one's a bit too close to home. We've all seen it, we know it exists, and in some cases, promising careers have been fcuked. Yes, I do know one case, where the wife ABSOLUTELY with a bergan and combat highs on, jumped right in his sh1t. Then again, I'm led to believe she was an old school squaddiemissus.:D Unfortuantely, too late to save the TA soldiers relationship.

You see, it's really a race against time. Can we corrupt the incoming SPSI and get him to go native, before he starts shagging our wimmin, and telling all his old "wiwi" or "smells of p1ss"  (When I was in..) stories trying to get the dew index up in bar among the squaddies wiv t1ts element.

It all depends on the girlie targeted, some are immune, because they're older and wiser, ain't that so SB?

PtP  ;D


I suppose if you're just in for a sh@g, there are countless TA personnel as well as PSI's/SPSI's that you can choose from - all would jump at the chance.
The PSI's do seem to get the ride fairly soon after arrival but that tends to be because it's a new bit of totty and yes - we are all bored of the blokes we see week in week out.
Myself though? Yes I am older and wiser but if a nice PSI caught my eye - who knows...... :p
Myself though? Yes I am older and wiser but if a nice PSI caught my eye - who knows...... :eek: :eek: :eek:

Rearrange these words to make a popular phrase

"Loving Jamaican want do some you" -lol  ;D
That's funny, that's what his potential victi...... errr I mean love interest said in the Crazy Karoke....

Mind you, she said it in French  ;D
Well not really worst, pretty good bloke actually, till he lost the plot in Cyprus.....

Beach landing off the LST, usual brief,heat index up in the sillies,poor ammo scaling, not sure why.....

Ramp goes down, warmode No.1 engaged, both platoons moving under fire. Take first objective, have a breather, neck water quick re-org.

"Where's the fcuking ammo?" "That's all we've got" "You have to be taking the p1ss?" Nope......

"Well how much we got"
"200 rounds"

"Oh fcuking hell, VC action it is then"
"FIX .............BAYONETS"

Away we go, under the most warry fangs out Pl. Commander and Section Cpl I ever had the pleasure to serve with.

On to the objective done deal, endphase. Ramp down to Tea and medals , 22 minutes.

SPSI went absolutely fcuking ballistic about how we'd fcuked up his exercise that should have taken 4 hours etc etc etc. Promises of dire retribution and being made to double round the Island, etc etc etc, we were a bunch of piss takers etc. Pl.Comd Good bloke, took it with the lads

Company Commander watching from a distance, thought it had been a bloody good attack, rolling , bags o' momentum, just puzzled about why we didn't get more fire down....

He kinda lost the plot when he found out about the ammo state too...

So bollockings all round, still, we had plenty of free time for beer, swimming and totty chasing as a result  ;D
The post which initiated this thread is a bit insulting isn't it?............is that allowed?
Indeed it is, but it needs airing. Is there somewhere we can post a "The worst Adjutant I ever knew..." as that would have me tapping the keyboards for ages!!
You could also try telling people to their face and not skulking around on forums trying to destroy people or their reputation. Any one from the parent untis will know who you are refering to, perhaps we should have a "worse gutless stab maggot we ever met thread!"
Wow Wynn..... :eek:

Well this should push membership through the 1000 mark

Go on, post it  ;D
One hopes he isn't referring to me - I thought that's what some of these threads were all about?!  And as for being described as originating from our part-time brothers, well...
Never mind all that Boots, are u still stagging on by that keyhole?
I don't think it's a PSI thing, more an attitude that playing away from home is generally ok.  Danger is using the doorstep of the TA unit to where you're posted it a bit more risky that some random bird pulled on a night on the pop with the lads.....

Isn't all this (pointless banter) rather missing the point ?  The quality of PSIs has an enormous effect on the quality of the unit they are posted to.  Often it has less to do with their skills than their attitude.  It is only natural that STABs will look to their PSIs for guidance - they are role models.  I have seen both very good and very bad - ranging from disiniterested drunken idiots hoping to serve out their time in a cushy post where they had been dumped so they couldn't screw up the G4 of a regular unit to utter professionals who gave 110% and made the guys they were training shine.

If Regulars are going to have the cheek to complain about STAB standards then we have only ourselves to blame for posting the scum from the bottom of the barrel to TA units.  We should be sending some of the best.  Lest anyone who's not been there be under any illusions, done properly, a TA posting is FAR from a cushy one. You should have the same standards to meet as you do in the Regs, but a fraction of the time and the resources. You have to keep people enthused who can just walk out of the door if they lose interest and you have to battle with a bunch of old farts in the RFCAs who constantly want to stop you doing your job.

Before you lay into a TA unit - Ma Sonic for one - take a very close look at their parent unit and who it is providing as Permanent Staff - as the fault often lies there.

As for Adjudants....well ! :mad:

We had a very excellent Adj, and an all round good bloke, willing to take the risks with the rest of us, especially over SDR. Top Fella.

When are we going to start on Training Majors???? ;D

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