The Worst President in US History?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabtastic, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. The cover article from this week's Rolling Stone:

    The author is Professor of History at Princeton and Director of their American Studies program.

    Says it all really. I don't think I need say any more on what the shaved chimp has been up to for the last 5 years- it's going to be quite refreshing. I'm in a better mood already. :D

    But then, who knows what stupidity he can get up to tomorrow?
  2. I wouldn't get your hopes up all too high. That magazine is VERY liberal in its viewpoints. That is one historian too. Many other studies have him rated quite high; even higher then Bill Clinton.
  3. Never heard of PJ O'Rourke then?

    Did you even bother to read the article Phil? Didn't think so, since it addresses the facile point you make quite well. Had you bothered to read as far as the fifth paragrpah you would have seen:

  4. The body count factor is a big one. Whether it's death through direct action (Iraq) or negligence (New Orleans). But, hey, who's counting?
  5. Probably any of them.

    Except Abraham Lincoln as he was a theatre goer and he looked like Gregory Peck.
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  6. I know you don't like the man any more than I do, but do you honestly hope to blame Bush for the body count during the hurricanes? Passing comment on the reconstruction effort is one thing, but I don't think you can pin the casualties (most of which were sustained in the first few hours) on him is something else. Get a grip and grow up a bit.
  7. The one who happened to be in office at the time
  8. Its a bit premature for a historical view.
  9. Without Bush we wouldn't have operations to go on except poxy NI and maybe slipper city Kosovo and Bosnia. At least we (as an army) can hone our skills in dangerous envioronments like Afganistan and Iraq and as a bonus maybe see a little action. Isn't that why we joined the army?
  10. He was warned of impending disaster and did very little - or so we're being told in the free world
  11. They'd better make sure that Bewildered Bush's grave has a good drainage system, because his legacy will be a very long queue of people lining up to p1ss on it!

  12. Rubbish!
    Leave the army, join a PMC. Far more places to choose from over and above Iraq and Afghanistan, no less action, and FAR better pay. And wouldn't cost the UK taxpayer a bean. :wink:
  13. Leave the Army!!!! 8O

    Wash your mouth out young man!!! :lol:
  14. As the full story about Katrina comes out it seems more the fault of the STATE not FEDERAL authorities. The FEMA did screw up but the inital 3 day period was wholly under the command and control of STATE. One recalls the pictures of the flooded school buses and the Mayor and Governor (both Democrats) fighting to make sure they didn't take the blame for what was in the event their screw-ups. Notice it took Lt Gen Honore the FEDERAL commander to get things moving and sort out the mess.

    Use a different example coz Katrina ain't gonna be the one that can be wholly blamed on Bush.
  15. If only!!!!! :) :) :)
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