The Worst Pain?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. In my haste to get to the church (shitter) on time I stubbed my little toe on a chair leg. Holy fcuk did I swear? I wish I had a cat so I could kick the barsteward thing. There's even some blood you know. The enjoyment of crapping was spoiled by this feeling of torture.

    Is the toe stub the worst pain? If not, what is?
  2. Stubbing your little toes.
  3. My knee being backward after a football injury which trashed all my ligaments and tendons :pale:
  4. Have you ever put a paper cut onto your bellend?

    I think you should try it and tell us all about it. In fact, why not start another thread about it?
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  5. Women will say childbirth- but then they've never trapped their c0ck in their flies, have they?
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  6. Good lord, suddenly I don't feel like stalking you anymore.
  7. Little toes? Stubbed? Pure luxury. When I was at primary school, the knob sat next to me was swinging back in his chair and suddenly went forward, landing one chairleg squarely on the nail of my little toe. The nail is still all wrong to this day. Wince? I did a bit.
  8. Paper cut. Bellend? No, I haven't. Try it? How do I do that? Am I understanding this correctly, a lady is suggesting that I go away and do stuff to my bellend then tell her all about it after? Who's the main benefactor with this bellend stunt.....?
  9. :D
  10. [​IMG]
  11. A full force kick from a very pissed off women, to the shin.
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  12. We're forgetting the nut cracker. Lads die from that shit.
  13. catchin bellend in ur zip ive still got the scar
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  14. We were often told pain is just weakness leaving the body.
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  15. Talking of stubbed toes, Mrs Driver BIII and I were staying in an hotel room with single beds and when we returned from a night on the sauce she decided to get in with me and I was well up for it! On the way over to my bed she stubbed her toe and started hopping and cursing all over the room. I was out of bed in a flash and hugged her, caressed her and soothed her pain, whispering sweet nothings as I led her to my bed. After we had conjugled for a minute or two, she got up and went back to her bed, on the way she stubbed her toe again and started hopping and cursing about the room, I told her to look where she was feckin going, turned over, farted and went to sleep.
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