the worst names ever! i have one of them

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dizzy_blonde, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. my mother must of disliked me from the moment she saw my prune like infant form as she gave me one of the longest most retarded names i've ever had the misfortune to hear! obviously to protect my identity i have removed my christian and sir names but it goes something like this....

    mary, elizabeth, houston, mckinnis, cambell, milligan, smirthwaite.

    i mean what the fcuk is that about?

    have you heard of any names equally as bad either in length or just pure vulgarness?
  2. My mums maiden name was

    Syliva Irene Selina Maude Huggins

    Should of been a film star
  3. Did you ask your mum what she was thinking?
  4. Neither I nor my brother have middle names. We were far to poor to afford them.
  5. RTFQ


    My mum just called me F.uckface. Apparently it was short for Put That Down You Little Cnut.
  6. she gave me some cr ap about how these names had been passed through generations! she failed to explain how my brother and sister managed to avoid it and receive normal names which would prevent them being bullied for being a freak!

    i think i may possibly be the black sheep!!!
  7. I was lucky I wasn't born on Nelson's birthday my mother was intending to call me 'Horatia Louise' if I burst onto the scene on that day.
  8. I once saw a TV interview with a wanna be Pikey Git of a Man Utd fan who'd actually called his DAUGHTER Jane Louise ERIC CANTONA ......

  9. deed poll change your names problem solved .There was a septic airman who changed his name to optimus prime which is a bit silly imho but no need
    to keep a name you hate .

  10. So your full name is in fact just Yannie?
  11. Yep, Princess Yannie of Cutandpastia
  12. princess??? listen love i hate to break it to you but if you were ever called princess it was by your dodgy kiddy fiddling uncle who may i add, only called you princess and bought you sweets to stop you telling mummy your secret! sorry to shatter your delusions!

    blondy :)

  13. LOLOl go away you walt if they didnt register you they wouldn't have got all their benefits for you you wouldnt have got just stop it and go away
  14. Ah, now I'm beginning to understand why Borestudent is studying law despite her obvious limitations. Thanks DB!
  15. It is my intent to name my brood after battle honours, for example 'Sebastian Lucius Sahagun 21st December 1808 ********' or if it's a girl 'Lucinda Annabel Quatre Bras 16th June 1815 ********'.