the worst married accomodation is at..

I think parts of JHQ in germany are pretty rough. PUMA has stopped there I have been told and they are just tinkering with the place. houses are over 50 years old and have never been modified. bad electrics and brown water in the taps if it rains hard!
Any Comment?
So where else?
my quarter, I go to the Mess and it is perfectly tidy, I wake up the next morning and it has been trashed and I am surrounded by screaming bashees.
springfarm in antrim was pretty ropey but we never paid for the quarters so that kind of made up for it :D :D :D :D
Guillemont Fields in Farnborough was pretty horrendous. They were concrete slab, flat roof houses so no ceiling lights, bathroom in middle of house so over flow from your toilet went into your bath, about four cupboards in the kitchen which was useless for a 4 bed house and water dripping on to bare electrics was considered to be OK. We actually had no skirting or door frames below knee high as a previous tenant's dog had eaten them - but our neighbours never had any either.

We moved out as they started pulling them down and it was great to see them all taped off as they were riddled with asbestos and this back in 2002 8O 8O
Marchwood maisonettes.

Were condemned in 97.

Due to be released for sale through Anningtons soon, with feck all done to them.


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