the worst kit

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bobjahoho, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. What is the worst kit that british soldiers have to put up with?
  2. Kit-Kats are a bit crap. I always prefered Wagon Wheels.
  3. The brooms in the guardroom, we've just got some new ones and they really do need to be worn in so that they brush up perfectly...
  4. torn here a good few shitty comms things come to mind but jersey heavy wool gets my vote
  5. the plastic spoons used for the brews - they always snap
  6. Fordson three tonner, I used to get overtaken by electric milk floats when going uphill.
  7. Anything with a crow's foot on it.
  8. Officers nuf said
  9. Crisp packet unwaterproofs :lol:
  10. Well said , that man.
  11. In my day the worst piece of kit was electric bumpers. The joy of swinging a hand held bumper bliss, also to swing the double bumper in the Guard Room for being a Gobshite, happy days
  12. Puttees and DMS boots FFS!
    Old lightweight jumper that you had to pull the KF shirt epaullettes through
    Flasher Macs
  13. The wonderful kart parked at the guardroom for the fire drill crash out. Run halfway across camp pushing this stupid little red go-kart only to get there and spot about 20 nice little extinguishers hanging on the wall.

    Army Procurement - The Emperor is strong with these ones

  14. Nowt wrong with the brooms. The buffers now they are crap. Closely followed by that little fat black RP Lcpl who was in Winchester in 1989. Now he was a crap piece of kit.