the worst kit

Fordson three tonner, I used to get overtaken by electric milk floats when going uphill.
Crisp packet unwaterproofs :lol:
In my day the worst piece of kit was electric bumpers. The joy of swinging a hand held bumper bliss, also to swing the double bumper in the Guard Room for being a Gobshite, happy days
The wonderful kart parked at the guardroom for the fire drill crash out. Run halfway across camp pushing this stupid little red go-kart only to get there and spot about 20 nice little extinguishers hanging on the wall.

Army Procurement - The Emperor is strong with these ones

5205Bradders said:
The brooms in the guardroom, we've just got some new ones and they really do need to be worn in so that they brush up perfectly...
Nowt wrong with the brooms. The buffers now they are crap. Closely followed by that little fat black RP Lcpl who was in Winchester in 1989. Now he was a crap piece of kit.
Light Mobile Digger :x
Which was supposed to dig trenches using a toothed chain set up powered by a hydraulic set up that was designed by a Nutter.
This piece of $hit was obsolete even before its in service date of 1977.
It was built by the equivalent of the losing team on Scrap Heap Challenge.
2 weeks maint for 10 minutes work, followed by the inevitable breakdown and VOR awaiting spares or donated parts from a Trojan Horse :roll:

It was that bad I can't even find a picture of it
Issue headover, just what the point of these useless itching bits of rag are, apart from wiping your rifle I dont know. They're supposed to be made into hats, by a technique so complicated it could be an ancient druid ritual.
the old army backpacks!terrible pieces of kit to get something out you had to unpack the fcuking lot!had to put your dossbag ontop and if you was in prone position the fcuking dossbag stopped you from looking up! :x
The old 'combat handbag' bergens. These were the ones that were apparently intended for use by vehicle mounted troops such as us slime and other REMFs. Thankfully we now have the infantry style bergens that you can actually fit more than a sleeping bag into.

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