The worst fortnight of the year.

It's summer, not a bad one so far. Things are looking rosy and the it rears it's shitty head. Wimbledon, the most over hyped waste of air time on the planet. The BBC go into meltdown over men in tight shorts with an interest in interior design and pastel colours and butch females who grunt like rutting warthogs. And all they go on about is some dour scots git with the personality of burnt toast who's had a spence of humour bypass. I can't be the only one that loaths this "event" or am I out of touch with the gay scene?
You're not too keen on it, then?
I'm so glad I'm out of the country for the next week and a bit :)
Wimbledon and the ******* World Cup.

My bleeding cup over floweth.




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Can't stand it, the most boring and over hyped bit of tv on in the summer. I hope what's his face gets knocked out early so we don't have to have daily updates on him.
I fooking hate wimbledon..and wombles. As a kid it meant having to play ball boy for my mum and her sisters until the tennis fad gave way to fags and ale again!


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I hate WIBMledon (as it is known where I work) because CICS Service are on standby in case the scoreboard software goes Brustenauf and we all get called in to fix it.


Ahhh Wimbledon fortnight, the two weeks where every ****** becomes an expert on tennis and vouch for an un intresting, dour, wooly haired twonk. I ******* hate it I does.
You could try doing something worthwhile like a hobby, as opposed to relying on the TV to fill the empty hours of your life until you die.

I could and do but it's indoors and Mrs G_L will have it on all day and night. Two choices, sit there moaning or feck off out. Either way I'm on a loser.

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