The Worst Briton over the Last 1000 Years

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Storeman Norman, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. OK. BBC has been running a poll to decide the 'Worst Briton' over the last 1000 years. Results suprised me a bit. Ol' Jack the Ripper comes in a stonking first place followed by .......Thomas a Becket then Eadric Streona ?!?!


    Surely there have been better examples of evil manifestations in recent years, Fred West, Denis Nielsen, Brady, Crippen etc etc. This one rather suprised me. So who, then is your nomination as the worst Briton of the last 1000 years?
  2. Margaret Thatcher, the school milk snatcher!
  3. Joint Nomination:
    Adams and McGuiness - ah, doubly humiliating.


    Piers "Morgan" Moron
    John Motson. Pure evil.
  4. Richard the Lionheart - selling and mortgaging the country to fund foriegn chest-beating adventures, and then demanding the same process when he was captured. didn't speak English and was only here for 9 months in his 10 year reign....

    more recently Peter Sutcliffe or Fred West perhaps?
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Was Jack the Ripper British? Was it one person? Who knows? Personally, I blame the French, but then again I always do :)

    Worst Briton of the Millenium - toss-up between Titus Oates and Tony Bliar.
  6. What was wrong with The Duke of Cumberland? I always thought he did a spiffing job subduing the more rebellious members of our populace.
  7. Jack the Ripper operated in London - but obviously he just has to be British !. No way he could be any of the oddballs of the world that gravitated to that neck of the woods. My candidate is Tumblety, Septic with an unhealthy interest in women's innards, fenian renegade, and escaped the country - murdes then stopped. Died in a loony bin.

    Worst ever Briton .... Ted Heath
  8. After due consideration, BLIAR! He's screwed up more lives than the murderers combined. :evil:
  9. +1

  10. George Galloway - never mind his links to Iraq...his BB appearance was enough!
  11. Richard the Lionheart was really French. His native language was not English and throughout his life he spoke little of it.
    He spent only six moths in Britain during his rule.
  12. Yes Sergey, but Richard The Garlic Eating Surrender Monkey just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  13. Don't forget Hoon.
  14. Pet Shop Boys
  15. I haven't, but Bliar put him in his job and kept him in his job. For that alone he is a cnut. :evil: