The Worst Boss I ever had....

Picked up on the JCSC thread about the dislike of a certain SO1.  Thought there might be a few more dilikes out there.  Plus a few law suits to follow.  


Concerns from the CO.  I reckon we need to stop the site deteriorating in to a personal slagging match or we'll end up being closed down.  Ash_Plant, would you mind keeping a weather eye on the entries here and let me know if it gets too offensive and personal.

Thanks!  The fun police.
I did have second thoughts when posting it.  Suggest names are kept out; stick to things that pi**ed people off.
AAC boss who banned one of the NCO pilots from attending his own wedding...and ketchup in the mess!


..... who is currently believed to be inflicting his own personal version of 'leadership' and 'management' on some poor foreigners in the ARRC.  Somebody, somewhere obviously has a sense of humour.... mind you they did promote him first, so maybe not.
Sumo 664,

Was this the same Engr 'worst boss' that I just had in the ARRC, who is a large loud bully, and who has a pathological hatred of the AGC because we are still investigating the fraud that occurred while he was CO?

Is this the same one that threatened to beat me up because I tried to move one of his clerks (to satisfy a 1*'s wishes)

If so, you will be pleased to hear that he has at least 2 harrassment cases against him.  (and not from me!)


Don't think so.... he's only been in the ARRC a few months and is AAC anyway.  Sounds like they've been cut from the same mould though.
one springs to mind when he asked me while I was squatting on the thunder box in the middle of the desert during op Granby 'and what are you up to then? an intelligent leader of men !!!!!!
Worst CO I ever had used to stand and watch soldiers returning from CO's PT and clap  ??? Then he decided that no watches would be worn on exercise that really got all muddled so for some strange reason he left soon after ? I think he's now at DKPH  ;D :eek: 8)
Oh plenty:

A CO who used to have Gas Mask mornings for his Regt amongst a Garrison of 2000.  We had to to everything as normal, parades, bass brooms, painting - except him and the 2IC who would always have a meeting in the Bde HQ - boy were we the laughing stock!

Another CO who fined a bloke 1000 quid (in 1991) for taking a can of beer into his room, then promptly tried it on with one of the JNCOs wifes at a mess function.

A Capt who "took control" of the situation AFTER a young 18 yr old spotted some bomb making equipment in a car on the Irish Border, he got the MiD, the soldier a pat on the back!  

Unfortunately I could go on all night - but for each bad one I can name two good.

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