The worm that turned?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Heard this on the wireless this morning.Yet no more mentions during the day.Was Mr Mann visited by Seal Time 6,taken away for re-education,dropped into the Mersy whilst wearing a concrete overcoat........?

    From The Telegraph.
    Ex-prime minister Tony Blair, his deputy John Prescott and former business secretary Lord Mandelson were accused of cashing in on their reputations after leaving government by John Mann MP. He told a debate on party finance:

    There's one group of people who are not donating sufficiently and that's former Labour ministers who are out there doing consultancies for private industry. There's also the book writers who like to give us their memoirs. What I would like to see is the naming of those who have got the bottle to donate money back to the Labour Party so we can see who they are and thank them for their donations. And then there are some of us who will be happy to name and shame those people who have made a fortune on the back of the Labour Party for doing their duties (and not donated).

    Quizzed later, Mr Mann said his speech was aimed at Mr Blair, Lord Prescott and Lord Mandelson – and demanded they pay up.

    He said: "One of the reasons they were able to write books and get jobs later is because they got famous through Labour."
  2. He's got a point. How ironic if the Labour Party goes bust, whilst its champagne socialist glitterati become multi-millionaires....
  3. Same old labour, the politics of envy stamped through every member, like the resort's name through a stick of rock.
  4. Goes bust?
    They are presently carrying £10m of debt.
  5. They are presumably missing their annual donation from the taxpayer via the "union modernisation fund" which was almost exactly £10Million per year!
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