"The Worlds Toughest Driving Tests"

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sophistikate, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Thought you guys might have a laugh at this:

    "To begin, Will and Kirsten go head to head and battle it out in the Romanian Army's frontline combat tank, the TR-85, but first they must undergo a week's hard graft in sub-zero conditions under the scrutiny of Captain Oancea. It takes twelve weeks to train a tank driver, but Will and Kirsten have just three days to master the skills needed to race against each other at the end of the week."


  2. Well,I wouldn't like to be in gunner's seat after if they are having a race after '3 days tuition' .
  3. Choice of MBT steed is a strange but pleasant change from the TV norm (i.e. people churning up a field in East Anglia in an old Abbot or 432 and calling it a tank!). From the brief glimpse I have seen it is indeed a TR-85 (M1 or M2 Bizonul series), in essence a wagon that is now a very distant relative of the T-54/55 line. It has improved armour of a composite type on its frontal arc, western style turret bustle, suspension and two pin tracks (with pads!).

    Curiously western supplied fire control, stabilisers and thermal imaging systems are coupled to a version of the venerable 100mm D10T gun (in service since the SU-100 tank destroyer of WWII). The Romanians have dipped their toes into the world of auto loading 125mm guns with their version of the T-72 (the TR-125, basically a stretched hull with an extra road wheel each side to accommodate a more modern engine), but have chosen to base their frontline MBT's around the old 100mm guns and T-55 based chassis's of the TR-85 (related TR-580 also) range.

    Looking forward to the show, it will be nice to have a proper look at this little known eastern curiosity.
  4. Strange how it takes them 12 weeks to train a tank driver where we do it in 7!
  5. And most still drove it like their souped up Vauxhall Chevette, revving the bollocks off it, bad gear changes and no real aptitude for getting stuck-in in the back decks.

    Well they did when I was getting knocked about inside my Cheiftain. None of that auto box rubbish etc.
  6. Yeah i watched this the other night

    Common sense would have told me to welly it as soon as the front end of the tank went into the ditch hahaha but no he had to listen to the commander and get stuck. nobend :lol:
  7. Is the Scimitar a right pain in the backside to drive?
  8. No(1)


    (1) This answer is couched in the same terms as the question. Further elucidation may be provided if specific questions are asked.
  9. Not per se(?),but your right side may get a bit warm
  10. Always fancied a cabby in one of those big quarry tippers mind.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    If you serve a long time and develop haemorrhoids, this can be a pain in the arrse, but it isn't Scimitar-specific.

    I never served on Scimitar - we had real guns on Scorpion - but I vaguely recall the 30 milly spits empty cases out the front of the mantlet. If you get a hot one down your back (why haven't you got your hatch closed???) that might be a pain.

  12. Like Warrior too.
    I did an Ex Med Man 2 as the FOO's OPV driver and spent most of the time on the prairie closed down. There's no Air Con just a blower blowing warm air in to my face. :cry:
  13. Nope, well except if you come down gears to quick, then its a bit rocking horse.
  14. 'Scorpion Kiss' anyone?......and everybody higher than Pete Doherty on a Saturday night after a co-ax battle run.

    Used to love driving 'em, though.
  15. The episode with the TR85 M1 is being repeated on BBC 3 now (started 19:00 hrs).