The worlds oldest democracy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Just heard that from the mouth of Chimp In Chief. To which country might he have been referring? Greece perhaps? Surely not his own trailerpark?
  2. IIRC Isle of Man
  3. The world's oldest democracy?


    But it wasn't democratic

    (They knew how to treat women and slaves) -:
  4. Sixty

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    Not even slightly. Greece at the time was, and continued to be for centuries, an amalgam of warring city-states who were only unilaterally 'Greek' when threatened by invasion (and not always even then).

    Cleisthenes of Athens is generally held to be the founder of democracy but it's worth noting that for centuries after his death, the city states of Greece continued to be run on either democratic or oligarchic lines.

    During the Peloponnesian war, Sparta and he allies were predominately ruled by oligarchs and Athens and her allies were democracies.

    And since it's the NAAFI, please add sufficient profanities to suit.
  5. Yeah... OK but they still knew how how to treat their wimmen
  6. Iceland has the world's oldest elected parliament, dating from 930 AD, however New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant universal adult suffrage in 1893.
  7. Where is the quote from The Chimp???
  8. Are you trying to say that it is beyond you to believe that such a fine defender of all that is Good could ever have uttered such a thing?Try repeated news via BBC World, or CNN. If you have a telly which picks up sheit, of course, because it would seem yours only picks up exclusive channels
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Like TV, Democracy is the opiate of the masses.

    The people are fooled into thinking that they have a say in matters that are important to them, but in truth, you either vote for the guys that will fcuk you over once they have your mandate, or you vote for the others who will fcuk you over with a different emphasis and perspective.

    It matters not which group gets voted into power, they are still going to fill their pockets, and they will still fcuk the electorate over for their own ends.

    This is how 'democracy' works (or doesn't). Every now and then (rarely), someone sneeks under the radar into a position of power and both means well, and does so for the benefit of the people. Their work all too often is quickly undone again by those that follow.

    Freedoms provided by a 'free' democracy rapidly eroded by a stasi-like, hate-filled group of under-achievers like Gordon Broon for example, continuing a process started by the Conservatives. CCTV on every street corner; removal of the automatic right to protest; removal of freedom of speech; legal sanctions for 'thought crimes' when voiced, laws to force telecommunications companies to store our personal comms data; the arrest of front-bench MPs for telling the electorate what is clearly in the public interest; blatant lying to parliament (both houses) AND the electorate to send our country to war . . . . . the list goes on.

    The truth is, when we have had enough of this, we get an opportunity to 'voice our protest at the ballot box' and gain a new set of self-serving scumbags who will further the damage done to our wallets, private lives and freedoms.

    Even now, we are losing our 'freedoms' to protect our 'freedom' from assault by foreign insurgents who may never have attacked us on our own streets had it not been for the foreign and domestic policies of previous self-serving and short-sighted fcuktards. Joe Bloggs getting killed by a bus-bomb in London never personally hurt any Muslims, and probably never would have, but he died because of the foreign policies of successive idiot gobments who acted in a way towards foreign countries that the electorate never asked for, and had it been asked, wouldn't have allowed.

    Democracy? My hairy fcuking backside.

    The remit of the electorate every 4 or 5 years is simple: Do what is necessary to ensure the short and long term health, wealth and security of the nation and its people.

    11 years after the latest lot got into power, we've had 5 wars, we're going into a MASSIVE recession (worse than MOST other nations), we've been and will continue to be taxed to fcuk and back, our nation's wealth has been squandered and we've had terrorist bombs on the streets of our capital, not to mention the failing education system and health service.

    You are the weakest fcuking link, now fcuk off and don't ever come back.

    How's that for a NAAFI style sweary post?

    Edited to say: Back on topic - it sure as hell ain't the UK's. :D
  10. that is true but the parliament was abolished in 1800 and not reinstated till 1845. The Tynwald on the Isle of Man has been in continous existance since at least 979AD.
  11. Depends on how you define a democracy. There were plenty of places in the waybackwhens that had some form of collective policy-making, but it's only comparatively recently that there hasn't been a minimum property qualification for having a vote which excluded the vast majority of people.
  12. Democracy is relative
    British Democracy as it stands now basically gives you three choices, vote for one of three bunches of incompetent, self serving, corrupt idiots who will continue to serve themselves and not the country.
    We have walked ourselves into a "democracy" that serves those who have placed themselves in a position of privlidge and will ensure that they stay there.
  13. Serves to show "democracy" is custom made and comes in all shapes and sizes...
  14. Well said "Biped", but you will have your work cut out to change the minds of the deluded morons who like to believe that we live in a democracy. Try and convince those people otherwise, and you will be labelled Commie, Fascist, Nazi, anarchist even. People become very attached to their delusions. Good Luck.
  15. Well said Biped