The Worlds most pointless deferral

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Zer0, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Got my second deferral letter today, after being told for two years I was too underweight, apparantly a benign cyst on my chest is preventing me from service.

    I'm confused though, as I had this cyst when I first went to ADSC those many moons ago, and it was not an issue. I phoned my recruiter and he told me to make an appointment with the doctor and get a letter explaining this, so i've made an appointment for Monday.

    Naturally, Im a bit disappointed with this turn, but understand there are certain rules. I just can't understand why last time it wasn't an issue. One letter informed me I must wait 4 years, the one from ADSC simply stated that I needed a doctor's letter, which the recruiter backed up.

    Realistically, what are my chances of a good outcome here? I have a sinking feeling that this letter won't make a blind bit of difference.
  2. A friend has suggested I include a photo of the growth to show how small and pointless it is, so that may make a difference.
  3. Oh God, no...
  4. Why not have it cut out? Fairly minor op I should think.
  5. Why dont you try cut it out yourself? put some vodka on the end of a butter knife and pluck away
  6. Hang on. I see a photo and a wah coming on........
  7. I had one of those cyst jobbies under the skin on my stomach.

    I spent an hour in the shower squeezing it like a spot, it was fcuking gopping I easily got an open palms worth of thick dark yellow/green solid-ish stuff out of it and enough blood to make me feel light headed afterwards.

    I only wish I'd taken a photo to cherish it as I doubt I'll get one like it again!

  8. I saw a video of one of those - revolting:
  9. 10 mins at you local docs, job jobbed. couple of stitches.
  10. Work unfortunately won't let me see youtube.

    However I'm going to get a large bag of M&Ms and a bottle of coke on the way back and watch it with glee when I get home tonight! I'll compare it to my own and see who wins.
  11. Yeah, may be best to just get rid.

    I've performed dental surgery on myself because of the fcuking terrible NHS coverage round here, but in this case I don't think a bottle of Vladivar [on a budget lads] and a table polished with abit of Mr. Sheen constitutes a sterile enviroment, Be gutted if it went as manky as whiskey's sounds, that'd probably cause me more trouble than leaving it alone...
  12. Fcuking hell thats almost exactly the same as mine, I didn't die afterwards though but I did touch myself over the awesomness.
  13. I had a bloody painful one on my inner theigh. It was rather excruciating when it got knocked. That got delt with in the minor ops clinic at my GP's.

    Got a phonecall a week later saying actually it should have been done at a hospital as it was attatched to a nerve ending in my leg (hence why it was painful) and had to make sure i still had feeling in that area!
  14. Need a photo!
  15. Doesn't really matter how insignificant it is, the Army are pretty tough on the medical side of things. Why would they want someone with a health issue that could become much worse through training, etc.?
    I got deferred for having a hernia in my nutsack. Nothing effected it. Not playing rugby as a forward, not lifting weights, not running. Nothing. Still had to have it removed as you never know when these things raise their ugly heads.

    Just get it lobbed off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.