The worlds most dangerous golf course

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by barbs, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. The world's most dangerous golf course

  2. So what are the rules if you get hit by a suicide bomber? A drop ball?
  3. I take it they have never played on the course in Newbiggin By The Sea.
  4. Why dont they just make it more interesting by replacing the balls with grenades and perhaps even the score a bit.
  5. What about if the bomber goes off in the water hazard?
  6. Why does a suicide bomber carry 2 jihadi vests on a golf course........
  7. Stroke plus distance. Distance varies on how big the suicide vest was!! :twisted:
  8. Balls of the golf type,

    Anybody play at Stanley in 83 or 84 or even 85 ?

    Every time we went out and hit a few , within 1 slice or top we were in the rough and calling out E.O.D as the ball was next to a mine, UXO, shell or bit of something that didn’t look quite right.

    At the end (well 3 weeks) they just said ...

    “Either improve your game, don’t play or don’t ring – thanks”

    Ascension was a bit of a shite hole too.
  9. Go on then... Why does a suicide bomber carry 2 jihadi vests on a golf course?

    I can hardly wait for the punchline.
  10. Tough crowd.....I won't be giving up my day job just yet.