The Worlds Biggest Curry Lunch 2008

My search function and/or I may be malfunctioning, but I can't see that anything's been posted about this yet.

The World's Biggest Curry Lunch is a fun, simple fundraising idea which invites everyone across the UK to host a curry meal for their family, friends and colleagues in return for making a donation to the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF). The ABF is the soldiers' charity which provides support to soldiers, retired soldiers and their families in times of need.

Within this site, you will be able to download a fundraising pack, learn about other Curry Lunches that are taking place across the UK, tell us about your events and keep up to date with our fundraising achievements.

Big Curry Week begins on 21 April and the ABF is encouraging participants to host their curry meal throughout this week, focusing on Thursday 24 April when the Lord Mayor of the City of London will host his Curry Lunch at Guildhall, London. Don't worry if you can't have your event that week, it's the taking part rather than the date that matters!

The World's Biggest Curry Lunch website

I'm very impressed that my firm, a US investment bank with several thousand employees in the UK, is supporting this event.
Yep, having one in BATUS. Yum Yum.

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