The World Ends 21 Dec 2012.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kaiser, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. So the world is going to end on the 21 Dec 2012, well bloody good news to know that in advance.
    Wont have to buy any bloody Xmas Pressies for the Tribe.
    Can sell all my worldly Goods and stand in the middle of a big field with my fingers in my ears.
    Lots of time to get shitfaced until then.
    What will you be doing between now and the 21 Dec.?
  2. Probably hanging around internet forums reading drivel...
  3. Getting stoked up for the biggest birthday bash ever.
  4. Any kink to this? Is it the same bloke that has got it wrong twice in recent times? Whadda cunt!

    Clever cunt mind; he made a fortune off dumb fucks that believed him and donated their life savings they wouldn't be needing :) He hasn't paid any back!
  5. Same thing I do every night, try to take over the worl....
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  6. Morning or afternoon?

    Only asking because I have got a plumber coming in the afternoon and if the world is going to end before then I might aswell phone up and cancel.
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  7. I`ll be doing what all the other sane people in the world will be doing, ie carrying on regardless. This world ending 21-12-12 is based on a very dodgy interpretation of a calendar which a bunch of neo-stoneage South American savages used. The Mayans,as they were known ,hadn`t even got round to inventing the wheel. Do they sound like the sort of people you would turn to when needing advice. Actually you would if you wanted to mummify your dad, or distort the skulls of your kids.
  8. This information can be got from???
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  9. Does that mean make him dress up in a skirt and call himself Wendy?
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  10. Don't suppose it can be brought forward, not sure my money will last til then...
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  11. Get a job then you work shy pikey!
  12. Ooohhhh that's no way to speak to a woman on her last year spending spree!
  13. Is Wendy a Mayan name? Are you a Mayan? My dads name is Ken and he does not wear skirts, even though he`s a Jock.
  14. Bet he does, you just haven't caught him yet...
  15. Sorry.
    Get a job you work shy pikey bitch!