The World Cup - Whos got the fittest supporters.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by baldbof, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Whilst one of the tv commentators was rabbiting on about which team was best, weakest, most likely to, fittest etc, at the mention of the word 'fittest' my attention was caught by the gorgeous bronzed, bra-less brunnette that was wearing a Brazil shirt. 'Yes' I thought, if Carling did fittest football birds, then Brazil would win by a country mile. So gentlemen, any other contenders for the title?
  2. that about sums it up[​IMG]
  3. North Korea.


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  4. After a short amount of research I have concluded it's a tough choice to make. Lots of talent on show.

    My decision is therefore based on the ones I think will be most up for a threesome.

    I present the Danish fans.

    OK it really doesn't like displaying that image so one times link instead.

  5. Was she tall and taned, and young and lovely,

    if so I know where she lives
  6. Yeah it has and always will be Brazil fans.


    The Japs usually have a few to.
  7. Bavaria had some so eyecatching they were imprisoned.
  8. I know they're not in the World Cup, but bugger it. Sweden!

    I can always count on a gaggle (nudge, nudge) of Blonde nymphomaniacs to make my day. :D
  9. Dutch Beer company tried to up the stakes, though they all got kicked out, shame.



  10. Cor thats a cheeky little thing in the middle of the 1st pic, *pulls curtains*
  11. Definitely none of the Africans fans. Black women are ugly
  12. Do you have a holiday home there by any chance ?
  13. Really? :D

  14. I take it you never lived in Capetown
  15. That's not black!!!


    THAT'S black!!! And she has THE longest legs you ever did see!! 8O