The World Cup, its winding up the Jocks already.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by duckula, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Mars, who sponsor the England team, have decided to change the wrapper to red and white and stick the 3 lions on it. Fair enough, they want to support the team that they sponsor and hopefully sell a few more Mars bars in the process............Have a guess who's not happy with that.


    THE Tartan Army last night blasted bosses at Mars for changing the wrapper to support England at the World Cup AGAIN.

    Of course, Mars really should know better, these deep fried delights are the staple diet north of the border, sales will plummet.

    One enraged barbarian said:

    Last night Hamish Husband, spokesman for the Association of Tartan Army clubs, said: "It irritates the neutrals and people who don't like England.

    "A lot of people would like to support England. What stops them are these daft adverts, the media and the commentators racing to mention 1966.

    "Can you imagine what Mars would produce if England ever actually won the World Cup again?"

    Yes it's in The Sun....well, the cheap imitation Scottish Sun, and we all know what they are like for stirring up a storm in a tea cup but, just for the sake of arguement, if the Tartan Army were heading out to South Africa, what do you suppose would be happening now?

    1. Quiet optimism, with barely a whisper of the excitement felt by a nation of avid supporters.

    2. A huge sea of blue and white sweeping across the world. Pale, tattooed, pot bellied folk painted up like Braveheart, screaming something about freedom.

    However, they can't join in so ner, ner. Dry your eye's and get yourself a Mars Bar.
  2. These people just don't seem to realise that they are a subjugated race.
  3. Sad, on two accounts.

    1) that people up here(Jockistan) actually get that wound up about things like this.

    2) that people down south continually believe that they can win the world cup/Euros every two years.
  4. My bold - really?

    Somehow, I think if the whole of the British media adopted World Cup purdah and every Englishman dressed in sackcloth and ashes, the vast majority of Scots would still be learning 'Star Spangled Banner'.
  5. You have to believe, there would be f*ck all point watching if you didn't believe you could w..............oh, I'm so sorry, that explains the bitterness.
  6. No bitterness here my friend. I'm mixed race :D .

    I hate football, but I do understand two things. Scotland are sh*t, England are mediocre.

    When it comes to it, I would wish them both well what ever sport it is.

    I just hope you're not gutted come the quater finals............ :oops:

    edited for optimism
  7. As opposed to:

    "Edited for spilling"

    1/4 as in quarter.

    but I know what you mean........................ :)
  8. Nah, he's just got his venues mixed up. But he's spelt Qatar wrong as all round balls up to be honest.
  9. Whilst England may not be in the top four football performers in the World we can, to a certain extent, hold our heads high. It is a rare occasion when England don't make the finals and, having qualified, we usually make it out of the initial groups. I've never come across incidences of national coaches saying "Thank fcuk we're in Group X, England are a pushover."
    I would say that our record is one that we can reasonably be proud of especially given the size of our country. It would be nice to see the other home nations up there with England, I'm sure there are many England supporters who will happily cheer Scotland, Ireland, NI or Wales in games that don't involve England. When you consider that our combined size is probably that of a county in Australia I really can't see why there is so much enmity between the Nations.
  10. Excellent another "Lets have a go at the Scots" thread, not had one of those for a couple of hours :D

    Personally I don't give a monkeys how Wingeland do at the wendyball finals, I will not be watching it, don't like Mars bars so wont be buying them anyway, but will always pop in to give you a bit of stick :crazy:
  11. that's the very reason.

    it's always the neighbours that hate eachother the most. ;)
  12. Quick lesson;

    In the grand scheme of all things football, England and Scotland are shit.


    Scots know we're shit, English media get all you folks convinced that your team need only turn up to win the cup (be it World or European).


    You guys get all hot and bothered, upset and start fighting, because you don't get the cup you feel you're owed.

    Meantime, I'm going down this route; :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. I personally have never understood why we have never had a Great Britain team like for the Olympics.
  14. Yeah, I was aware that it may be construed as a bit of 'Jock bashing' thread but it wasn't (entirely) intended that way. More of a double standard type discussion into the moaning being done now that England are in South Africa compared to what the heathens would be doing if they were there.

    I know that Scotland are gutted England are in the finals and lets face it, if Scotland were there and England weren't the majority of England supporters would be well and truely p*ssed off but, I'm fairly confident there wouldn't be as much hoo-ha seeing the Tartan Army getting vocal as there will be in about 3 weeks time when the England fans get started.

    Can't we all be friends? Come on Scotland, get behind England, would it really be that bad if we won? :D