The Woolwich two and legal support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conco, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Just a thought, with the national feelings which legal company and its barristers will represent these two?
    Having explained Their abstract reasons as to why they did it ( feelings are with the family) on you tube and other media. Are they not just guilty?
    Apart from a guilty verdict do you not think these people do not deserve legal aid, costing millions from the public kitty?

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  2. No they are not just guilty. To forego our justice system would be to play into the hands of extremists.

    They will be tried as per the laws of this country and IF the prosecution proves beyond reasonable doubt they committed the crimes for which they are indicted, then they will be guilty and sentenced accordingly.

    As to their defence, it should be the best that can be provided, to ensure the trial is conducted in such a fashion that there can be no recourse, in the form of an appeal, later.
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  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    It would be embarrassing to have to pay them all that money years later.
    Fair trial, always cheaper. Not to mention when years later there's a paragraph about their passing in solitary, not even knowing what day it is. You can tell media students what they were guilty off and why they were in jail.

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  4. Mishcon De Reya?

    The best available. Spare no expense.

  5. Why is Michael Mansfield a scumbag?

    He's a very successful and professional barrister.
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  6. He is a bit of a ratbag in his personal life, and by all accounts consumed with affection for himself. On his honeymoon, he took his girlfriend along too and stashed her in another hotel for 'in between' shags.

    But he's a very very good barrister.
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  7. He's a defence barrister so it will always seem that way and being such a successful defence barrister will mean he defends the most serious crimes.
  8. to treat them any differently to anyone else accused of any crime would be a crime in itself. If they qualify for legal aid then they get it.

    now please troll somewhere else
  9. barristers don't actually get to pick and choose which cases they take - solicitors brief the one they want and if the barrister is available they take the case and represent the accused person to the best of their ability. This may on occasion mean advising their client to plead guilty. They can return a brief due to professional embarassment eg if the client says they did it but won't plead guilty - the barrister's opinion as to guilt doesn't matter - our law has the basic premise "innocent until proved guilty"
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  10. Self styled Radical.

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  11. HE picks his own cases, cases that will put him in the spotlight, like the Bloody Sunday soap opera.

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  12. Is this a serious question?
  13. And he will do his best to ensure that these two are released without a slur to their name and given massive compensation for human rights violations against them.