The Wonga Rescue - Sitrep

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by chumpycheeks, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Some of you will know that I've been away for a while - lying low while the heat from basic dies down. Been using the time to brush up on me english, and practice some unarmed combat techniques.

    Anyway, a friend - who shall remain nameless - (but thanks, sniper-bob), put me in touch with Big Al, Scratcher, Nosher and some others, who Simon Mann had asked for help:

    Scratcher is such a tool - we laffed so much when he got lost in the Sahara - it made his mum look a right plonker... But he's a rich tool, with loads of wonga, so I offered my expertise, as I figured that staying out of the country while the heat over that unfortunate girly OC, the Queen's portrait and my engorged manhood died down might be a good thing. Cat was up for it, as he gets easily bored without the smell of cordite in his nostrils. A quick 100k for slotting a few floppies sounded good.

    More to follow...