The witch who leaked WWII secrets about sinking battleship

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Psypher, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. An interesting story about a mystic who revealed in a seance the sinking of HMS Barham, convicted as a witch.

    As she happened to live in Portsmouth, perhaps the information didn't come from the spirit world?

    I don't think her conviction should be overturned, at the end of the day she revealed a state secret in time of war.

  2. She did leak a national secret, but I think that she should be pardoned from being convicted of witchcraft.
  3. Either that she works for mi5 or she burns at the stake!!! her call :twisted:
  4. If you live by the sword, you die by sword. She was the one claiming the information came from the spirit world.

    They should have put her on the ducking stool. If she didn't drown then she must have been a witch :twisted:
  5. BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCCH!!!! Quite rightfully so ....
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    When the battleship Barham was torpedoed by the Germans in November 1941, with the loss of over 800 lives, the Admiralty delayed announcing the news to maintain morale.

    If they didn't anounce it and she saw a sailor then she must have supernatural powers so she could be done under the witchcraft act

    Otherwise some one else must have told her in which case they would have been in even more troube - she was friends with Churchill

    Is this the giveaway?

    But Duncan, who was living in Portsmouth at the time, held a seance just days later and told how she saw a sailor with the words HMS Barham on his hatband.

    During World War II cap ribbons bearing only the letters 'HMS' or 'HM Destroyers/Submarines' were in use.

    I shall check the John Mills collection later but I'm sure this is correct
  7. FFS! What do they think they're achieving by refusing a pardon after all this time? Are they agreeing she was a witch? :? Idiots... :roll:
  8. I read a book years ago called 'Secrets and Stories of World War 2'. Apparently, in the months coming up to D-Day, most of the code words for the invasion appeared as clues in the Daily Telegraph Crossword, including 'Overlord' and the code names of all the beaches. The compiler of the crosswords received a visit from MI5 and was subjected to some very intense questioning.
  9. Lets see Mr Shiner get his teeth into this one - I foresee her being pardoned and her family dying very rich indeed :D .
  10. Hey Ho, shit happens. It was war FFS. Whether she was guilty or not of witchcaft or not, the mood of the nation and the propoganda ministry felt they had to act. The end justified the means in this case. Personally, I will keep an open mind as to the 'reality of the voices', you just never know.

  11. Whilst the Witchcraft Act which was repealed it was replaced quickly with the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1954, which is still on the statute books; I believe it is being phased out this year in favour of trading standards legislation which is a shame, as it has been my sad and pointless life's work to try and get the CPS to run a job under this little known bit of law.

    It is probably more of a thing north of the border as the Witchcraft Act stems from the Stewart monarchy and their strange obsession with the subject; the Scots also killled more people than the English did (but IIRR we hanged our witches) and the Scots continued with the witchcraze for longer than the English as well.
  12. Who cares? Some biddy got a bit of porridge 60 years ago, big deal.
  13. This has taken me back a few years. I have a book, it's more like a newspaper, entitled, ' The War Despatches' published by the Daily Mail circa 1977. This story is mentioned within it.

    It's full of odd ball adverts like , " Never was Virol more needed than now" - "Phosferine makes life worth while. "

    I went to Abersychan Grammar School. I did english, history, chemistry, tech drawing and physics, WTF are they talking about ?
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