The Witch is at it again!

She is setting herself up of an unpleasant time! Firstly, a Mussolini style public hanging, then a few non-fatal gunshots in the mode of the Ceaucescus, before a final appointment with Madame Guillotine! :twisted:

Alternatively, she could be put out of her misery in the more traditional British way of hanging, drawing and quartering. I can't see anyone wanting to put that head on a stick!

But perhaps this is premature - she should be put to the test! Will she drown or float!

Burn the Witch!

From the Independent

The lobster is off: Cherie Blair alters menu for royal G8 banquet
By Colin Brown
06 June 2005

Cherie Blair has been accused of acting like the "first lady" of Downing Street after meddling with the menu for her husband's G8 summit with world leaders and the Queen.

Leaders of the world's eight industrialised countries, including the US President George Bush and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, will attend the summit at Gleneaglesin Perthshire, Scotland.

After discussingAfrican poverty and climate change, the centrepiece of the conference will be a banquet hosted by the Queen. She cancelled her holiday in Scotland in July because of the G8 protests, but she is expected to host the dinner.

Palace officials agreed to a menu with a strong British flavour of lobster, lamb and chocolate pudding, which the Queen likes, and everything was set for a glittering occasion, until Mrs Blair intervened.

She was not pleased to discover that she will not be sitting with the summiteers, but will be left among the spouses at an overspill table. Palace sources said Mrs Blair was also unhappy that the spouses were not allowed to eat the same menu as the world leaders.

"She was behaving like the first lady," said a Palace source. "She was unhappy about the seating arrangements, and then she started unpicking the menu. Apparently, she didn't want to have lobster."

Mrs Blair's objections caused a re-writing of the menu, and it is understood lobster will be off it.

Another item was also taken off the menu, but for diplomatic reasons. Originally, caviar from Iran was to be served. It is not as good but considerably cheaper than the Russian variety. But diplomats said having anything from a state described by Mr Bush as part of the "axis of evil" might make it hard for the President to swallow. Instead, the finest caviar from Belarus is being served.
They'll need a pre-summit summit to discuss the menu for the summit! And premsumably, a pre-summit pre-summit summit to discuss the pre-summit menu etc....

I worked at a fine headquarters formation some years ago. The two-stars and three-stars spent a great deal of time discussing the colours of cummerbunds that could be worn at formal functions.... :roll:

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